Morfuns Eole S-feat | Morfuns Eole S: Carbon Fiber eBike Frame for Urban Riding

Morfuns Eole S: Carbon Fiber eBike Frame for Urban Riding

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Most people opt for walking or biking in a busy street where commuting is not easy. Luckily, for the eBike manufacturer Morfuns, designing, developing, and popularizing electric bikes that can make urban riding an enjoyable experience sits deep in their roots. Find out how the Eole S with a carbon fiber frame can be a game-changer for biking enthusiasts.

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A Feasible Solution for Cycling With Carbon Fiber eBike Frame 

Founded in 2013, Morfuns infuses the philosophy that “simple is perfect” in their culture. After years of developing innovative yet minimalistic eBikes, today they offer the world the best option for commuting in busy cities.


Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame for Effortless Carriage

A durable bike requires a sturdy structure, meaning the frame will add pounds to the overall weight. The batteries also make the bike heavier. A carbon fiber frame is needed to compensate for the mass of the sizable structure and the batteries. While many road cyclists believe that steel or aluminum provide desirable strength and optimal weight, carbon fiber offers the best of both those materials: incredibly high strength and lightweight profile. This superiority makes the composite material the best choice for cyclists around the globe.

In general, steel and aluminum only last a certain amount of time before the metal fatigues and is no longer safe for usage. On the other hand, a carbon fiber eBike frame can last as long as you maintain it correctly. Being five times stronger than steel while weighing only half as much as aluminum, carbon fiber is ideal for many parts of an eBike. As a result, at the weight of just 15 kilograms or over 30 pounds, the ultra-lightweight Eole S allows anyone to carry it around while not in use effortlessly.


High-strength Folding Structure for Distortion Resistance

The idea of making an eBike foldable is not new. In fact, we had the chance to witness the emergence of the Honda Step Compo as far as 20 years ago. While the eBike from Honda was well ahead of its time, its brief service history might have been due to its bulky silhouette and an untidy folding geometry. Today, with the application of carbon fiber, foldable eBikes have been exceptionally compact to fit in any urban ride. For this reason, the Eole S is meant for those who want a flexible electric bike that can fold into a discreet package.

Does the folding mechanism reduce the stiffness and shock absorbability of the eBike? No way, thanks to the unique integral construction of the carbon fiber frame. The integral design, also known as a monocoque, utilizes the consistency of carbon fiber to provide a high level of stiffness in combination with impressive shock absorbability. This single piece of material without any fusing or bonding of separate parts makes the overall construction highly resistant to distortion when operating under rough conditions. 


250W Rear Geared Hub Motor for Modest Acceleration

Since the Eole S is a featherweight eBike requiring less energy consumption compared to other counterparts on the market, a powerful motor is not a must. The small-sized 250W motor at the rear wheel allows modest acceleration, making the bike more energy-efficient, especially when considering the humble capacity of the battery. However, it does not mean that the bike is slow. With 40 N.m of torque for a maximum speed of 25 km/h or 15.5 mph, the Eole S can easily accompany you even on the roughest terrain.

Of course, other available options on the market can please the type of cyclists who want to have a swift riding experience on a bike. But, remember that the Eole S is not designed to compete only on performance, and other included technologies also add to its overall value. That carbon fiber frame is not cheap, yet it contributes to the bike’s substantial weight reduction. Designed for urban riding, reaching the EU-legal 25 km/h is more than enough for commuting or riding around the city in leisure time.

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Optional Second Battery for Double Riding Range

Morfuns is one of the first brands to have developed a foldable eBike with an integrated battery in the seat post. Their first version was released back in 2016. Integrating the battery into the seat post’s core allows the bike’s overall shape to be even more compact while protecting the electric part from environmental damage. Given that the entire body frame of the Eole S is carbon fiber, which is unaffected by deformation and fatigue, the battery will be functional for a long time.

The mid-range battery is only 36V and 6.4Ah for 230 Wh of capacity regarding the specifications. However, you can totally squeeze up to 30 miles or 50 kilometers on a single charge to reach anywhere you want within the city. What is more, you have the option to purchase an extra battery that straps onto the eBike frame like a water bottle for a reasonable 259 USD. This add-on part instantly gives twice as much battery capacity and extends the riding range. 

It is fair enough to say that the Morfuns Eole S is the pioneer of the emerging class of advanced eBike. At 1,999 USD, it is not a budget eBike for everyone. However, you get what you pay for, and the bike is worth every penny while lasting a lifetime.


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