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7 Reasons Why People Love Our Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

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Carbon fiber is gaining popularity among eyewear designers and wearers alike. We look at what makes carbon fiber sunglasses the eyewear of choice and why many prefer them over conventional frames.

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In this article:

  1. Carbon Fiber Sunglasses Properties
  2. Benefits of Carbon Fiber Sunglasses


Carbon Fiber Sunglasses Properties

Carbon fiber sunglasses are ultra-light, ultra-thin, and one of the lightest materials on the market. Despite being roughly half the weight of titanium eyewear, it has excellent impact resistance. 

Carbon fiber is famous for toughness, flexibility, and there's no risk of deformation. It's also more corrosion, temperature, and radiation-resistant than metal frames and has good elasticity. 

These properties make carbon fiber sunglasses an outstanding choice for those who lead active lifestyles or are tough on their eyewear. 


Benefits of Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Lightweight and Durable

Carbon fiber isn't much heavier than plastic, yet it's much stronger and more durable. In fact, a pair of carbon fiber glasses weigh roughly the same as four quarters. And since it's so lightweight, carbon fiber sunglasses are the most comfortable option for daily wear. It combines the latest in technology and the highest quality to provide glasses that won't cause too much pressure on your ears or nose, even after wearing them all day.

Additionally, the twill weave matte finish makes it more durable for daily usage and helps it resist the occasional tumble.


Resists Moisture and Doesn't Rust

Many materials, especially metals, react badly to air and water, for instance, rusting, decaying, oxidizing, or breaking down unless protected. However, both carbon and epoxy resin are non-reactive and stable. In other words, they'll resist harsh weather conditions such as sea spray, excessive moisture, or even submersion. 


Won't Bend Or Change Shape In Hot Weather

Many materials contract or expand when exposed to temperature changes or humidity. But, carbon fiber eyewear can withstand extreme heat or cold and won't change size or warp because of its low thermal expansion qualities. Frames can survive the elements, travel, and more while offering decades of use. 

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Chemical Resistance

Epoxy makes carbon fiber chemically resistant to most acids, alcohols, and other chemical compounds you may come into contact with daily. And because it's highly resistant to chemicals and won't corrode, dissolve, or melt over time. 


Visual Appearance And Aesthetics

A pair of carbon fiber sunglasses | 7 Reasons Why People Love Our Carbon Fiber Sunglasses  | Visual Appearance And Aesthetics

Carbon fiber sunglasses provide superb protection from the sunlight without sacrificing style. What's more, carbon fiber has an instantly recognizable look. From the pattern to the way it catches the light, carbon fiber is a visually striking material.

Besides, the stunning appearance is more than decorative. It also provides structure and strength. 

Carbon fiber is striking, attractive, and bold. It's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.


Combinable With Other Materials

Although it's been around for more than half a century, there's still more to discover. Scientists are continuously inventing new ways to use carbon fiber with other materials. Combining carbon fiber with another material creates different properties. For example, using metal and carbon fiber results in a unique composite material that is stronger and lighter.  

Carbon fiber by itself can't be any color other than black, but it can be woven or combined with other materials to add some color, such as mylar thread


It's Hypoallergenic

Being hypoallergenic means carbon fiber is especially beneficial for those with metal allergies. If you experience allergic reactions or skin irritation from metal frames, you should consider carbon fiber shades for daily use.

Carbon fiber has many more benefits, but these are our top reasons to love them. Above all, carbon fiber sunglasses come in styles that are perfect for all-day comfort and protection. One thing is definite: once you try carbon fiber shades, you won't want any other kind.

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