Feature | What To Get Your Dad In 2020 | Cool Gift Ideas For Men

What To Get Your Dad In 2020 | Cool Gift Ideas For Men

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Finding the right gift for your dad can be a real struggle. If you're not sure what to get your father this year, you've come to the right place. We've put together a list of gifts for dads, so you don't have to spend hours searching through the endless options to find a present he'll like. Who knows, you might even find gifts for all of the most important men in your life.

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Gifts for Dads That Have Everything and Want Nothing

Useful Gifts for Dads

Coffee Subscription 

Coffee lovers know the delights of a cup of morning brew. And there's no better feeling than getting a surprise in the mail. So, why not combine the two with a monthly or weekly coffee subscription? Your father will get his favorite coffee delivered straight to his doorstep. 

Atlas Coffee Club scours the globe and hand-selects coffee to match the flavor profile of its origin country. Each shipment comes in excellent packaging and includes a fun postcard, as well as brewing tips and taste notes for every bean.

Coffee Subscription What To Get Your Dad In 2020 | Cool Gift Ideas For Men

Sleep Aid Device

Some dads fall asleep on the couch, but others toss and turn all night. If your dad is one of the latter, give him the gift of a good night's rest with a sleep aid device. 

There's a ton of sleep technology on the market, from the classic white noise machine to cranial electrical stimulators. Our top pick for better sleep, however, is Dodow's light metronome. The high-tech aid projects a pulsating blue halo onto the ceiling and teaches you how to fall asleep with rhythmic breathing. 

Sleep Aid Device What To Get Your Dad In 2020 | Cool Gift Ideas For Men

Stylish Bag

For a gift as stylish as the man that taught you everything, you can't go wrong with a bag. Besides, every dad needs a high-quality bag. The expertly handcrafted Londono Boston Business Bag has three storage areas. Or, if you're looking for something a bit smaller, Londono also has a carbon fiber and leather sleeve for 15" Macbook Pro.

Stylish Bag What To Get Your Dad In 2020 | Cool Gift Ideas For Men

Personalized Gifts for Dads

Customized Drinkware

Celebrate your dad with tree-themed birthday glasses that artfully acknowledge growth and aging. Similarly, a hand-etched whiskey glass can flaunt his proudest title and the year he became a dad.

Create a set of personalized milk bottle mugs or family mugs to honor your dad's connection to his family and his roots.

Real Carbon Fiber Business Cards

Durable, semi-gloss carbon fiber business cards will make your dad grow his business and stand out from the crowd. Plus, you can customize the cards with crisp linework and a beautiful design. In other words, you won't have to give him a mug this year. Create "World's best dad" business cards instead.

Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

Make your dad the hero of the story with a Mega Dad Comic Book. The colorful illustrations and heroic adventures of Mega Dad will remind your father that he's a hero in your eyes in a fun and imaginative way. 

It's also a dynamite gift for some father-child bonding, especially for new dads. Regardless of his age, a personalized comic book will bring out his inner superhero.

Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book What To Get Your Dad In 2020 | Cool Gift Ideas For Men

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Unique Gifts Ideas

Long-distance Touch Lamps

It's not always easy being away from your family. And your dad probably feels the same. Make dealing with the separation a little less lonely with a pair of long-distance lamps. When you touch your lamp, his lamp will light up. So, you can send your love across the globe and light-up your father's day.

Long-distance Touch Lamps What To Get Your Dad In 2020 | Cool Gift Ideas For Men

You can also get a set of long-distance touch bracelets that light up and vibrate will let him know you're thinking of him.


Give your dad the universe with a Gskyer telescope. It comes with a wireless camera adaptor to take pictures of stars and satellites while he stares into space. Geek dads, amateur stargazers, and outdoor enthusiasts will find it equally fantastic and entertaining.

Homemade Sauce Kit

Since dad can handle way more spice than a run of the mill hot sauce, he might prefer making his own. A Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit includes everything he'll need to create artisanal blends to his liking. Additionally, it comes with six bottles and an instruction booklet.

There's also a BBQ kit full of finger-lickin' flavors that'll take the next family barbeque up a notch. The easy-to-follow recipes provide a delicious finish to meat and veggies alike.

We all know he'll love any gift if it's from his son or daughter. But nothing beats giving your dad a gift he loves. Whether it's his birthday, Christmas, or because you feel like it, show your appreciation with a thoughtful, practical present, even if he says he doesn't want anything. 

Still not sure what to give your dad? Visit our website for more gift ideas. 

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