7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

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These gifts for nerds list will have something for everyone, whether you’re trying to find the perfect birthday present for a tech geek or something fun to give to a nerdy friend. Behold the coolest gifts for nerds this year. 

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In this article:

  1. Tech Gifts For Nerds
  2. Aesthetics Gifts for Geeks
  3. Games and Hobbies for Nerds

Not To Miss Gifts For Nerds

Tech Gifts For Nerds

1 High Tech Sunnies

Sunglasses can now do more than protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light and make you look cool. 

Brands like BOSE have started to find new ways to incorporate the latest and greatest audio technology into sunglasses. The speakers are built into the arm directly above your ears, so the sound is directly radiated for your ears only, while you still pick up ambient sound. 

Bose Frames Alto | 7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

The Bluetooth-enabled gadget also has an integrated microphone and uses modern materials in a range of different sizes to suit all head shapes.

Popular brands can cost around $200, but some come with risk-free trials.

2 Retro Game Systems

Retro game consoles are an amazing gift for any nerd who loves to relive their childhood or younger nerds who would like to learn about gaming history. Regardless of whether you played PlayStation, SEGA, or Nintendo, retro game consoles are like time machines; plug one in, and you’re immediately whisked back to your youth.

Retro Game Systems | 7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

[The Super NES Classic Edition system has the original look and feel of the 90s home console, only smaller; Plus, this 1 comes fully loaded with 21 games]

These items are easy to find on eBay or GameStop. Check which games are included with the console of choice before buying it as some only have 20 - 30 titles on them. 

 Aesthetic Gifts for Geeks

3 Blue Racer Carbon Fiber Glow Ring by Element Ring Co.

This ring looks like a standard carbon fiber accessory by day. But when night falls, it glows a deep blue color. And there’s just something mysterious about stuff that glows in the dark. It’s reminiscent of x-files, and it’s bound to awaken the inner nerd in everyone.

Blue Racer Carbon Fiber Glow Ring by Element Ring Co | 7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

The ring comes with a key ring UV light to recharge the glow but for an even more intense luminescence, simply walk in the sunlight to recharge.

4 Vintage Sci-Fi Posters

Sci-Fi has been a staple part of cinema-going for decades, and everyone has their favorites from The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) to Star Wars (1977). 

Sci-fi movie posters are highly collectible, and each decade will have its own fanbase. There are hundreds of sites offering custom printed Sci-fi movie posters that can be collected or used as wall art.

War Of The Worlds Art Print | 7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

[War Of The Worlds Art Print]

5 Deejo 37G Knife with Solid Carbon Fiber Handle

This beautiful liner-lock knife is all about aesthetics, materials, and weight. The 37G weighs, fairly obviously, only 37 grams and folds to just over 4.25” inches, making it a great EDC knife.

Deejo 37G Knife with Solid Carbon Fiber Handle | 7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

The handle is made of a solid piece of carbon fiber, and the blade is made of 420 stainless steel with a black titanium coating. Characterized by its high tensile, excellent chemical inertness, low density, and compressive strength, carbon fiber is also loved for its dynamic aesthetic. It will please any nerd into fishing, camping, gardening, and just about anything else that requires an everyday carry knife.

Games and Hobbies for Nerds

6 Model Building Kits

 Model building is an excellent outlet for stress because you focus on the steps in the instructions and exercise your creativity with the paint scheme. Plus there’s such a large variety of models to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone.

Our top pick: Bandai Spirits Hobby Star Wars 1/5000 Star Destroyer Star Wars. It’s easy to assemble and doesn’t require paint but has enough detail to satisfy the most ardent modeler.

Bandai Spirits Hobby Star Wars | 7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

7 Air Cannon

An air cannon, Airzooka, or Air Blaster, is a unique hand-held device that blows harmless balls of air towards any person or object. They’re a lot of fun and can be used to play a lively game of air tag or to shoot paper cups of someone’s heads. Because it shoots air, it doesn’t need any batteries, so you’ll never run out of fun.

An air cannon, Airzooka, or Air Blaster | 7 Cool Gifts For Nerds in 2020

In short, finding cool gifts for nerds can be difficult, especially for non-nerds, but do your research or ask other nerds for advice. Anyone will appreciate a thoughtful gift regardless of what it is because it shows how much you care.

What are your favorite gifts for nerds this year? What have we missed out? Tell us in the comments section below.

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