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Koenigsegg Making Carbon Fiber Tesla Aftermarket Parts

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Owning a Koenigsegg Hypercar and getting the driving excitement at over 250 mph is not a thing for everyone. However, you can get the feel of a Koenigsegg item on your Tesla from now on as Koenigsegg, and its collaborator has introduced a wide range of Tesla aftermarket parts. Read this article to find out how you can rev up your car.

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Koenigsegg and Its Collaborator Marks a Milestone With Tesla Aftermarket Parts

We all know how influential Koenigsegg has been in the car world. Everything Koenigsegg puts a touch on becomes a masterpiece. Let’s find out how Koenigsegg uses carbon fiber in their Hypercar manufacturing without further ado.


1. Koenigsegg’s Carbon Fiber Is a Product of Craftsmanship


Koenigsegg is the world-leading expert in carbon fiber manufacturing. Every item made by Koenigsegg is a product of excellent craftsmanship. If you’re a fan of Koenigsegg, you probably know that Koenigsegg cars are built on a carbon fiber chassis. As a result, their automobiles are incredibly resistant to twisting and flexing under pressure. What’s more, a stiff carbon fiber chassis allows a better suspension and driving experience than a softer chassis. 

The utilization of carbon fiber by Koenigsegg is not only present on the chassis. Actually, they employ this unique material in their roof system, suspension system, and wheels. In particular, their patented technology for making the wheels, known as Aircore, creates one-piece, hollow-core carbon fiber wheels. This technology results in a massive 40-pound saving in unsprung mass, accelerating the car quicker.


2. Koenigsegg and Unplugged Performance Partnership 


In January 2022, the world witnessed a resounding partnership between Koenigsegg, a Swedish giant in hypercar manufacturing, and Unplugged Performance, a California-based Tesla Tuner. Their collaboration, known as UP x KAM, has marked a milestone in enhancing car performance with promising releases of a wide range of carbon fiber Tesla aftermarket parts. 

As we already know how good Koenigsegg’s products can be, now it’s time to get to know about its collaborator. Unplugged Performance is a renowned Tesla accessories supplier, offering premium car enhancements like high-performance braking systems, suspension customizations, and design modifications. What’s so special about Unplugged Performance is that Tesla has authorized them to be an official supplier for their aftermarket parts.

So it’s understandable why Koenigsegg collaborated with them to provide premium Tesla aftermarket parts. The Swedish supercar manufacturer uses their years of experience working with carbon fiber and the designs by Unplugged Performance to produce parts for different Tesla models. All the pieces made by UP x KAM can improve downforce, which presses the car onto the track and allows it to travel faster.

The partnership shows promising long-term success as both brands share the same vision and mission. Further, they both aim to find a balance point between sustainability and driving excitement. In fact, Unplugged Performance has expressed its absolute appreciation for the joint effort in leading innovation and bringing cars to the next level.


3. Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoilers for Different Tesla Models 

So far, we have seen the release of several official products, indicating the first step of the UP x KAM partnership. These Tesla aftermarket parts are all made of carbon fiber and aim to elevate the car’s performance. The most famous production line might be the new carbon fiber spoilers for a wide range of Tesla Models, including the Model Y.

The High-Efficiency Trunk Spoiler for Tesla Model Y combines high-performance aerodynamics with the finest carbon fiber craftsmanship. The result is a significant enhancement in the aero efficiency of the Model Y. As a product of cutting-edge technology, the spoiler looks not only impressive but also allows straightforward installation and, most importantly, improves overall performance.

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4. Carbon Fiber Front Wide Fenders for Tesla Model 3


The Front Wide Fender for Tesla Model 3 from the UP x KAM partnership allows wider wheels and tires for maximum grip and on-track performance. This fender pairing enables the Model 3 to fit the broadest front tires by widening and reshaping the area over the wheels for extra space while keeping an aggressive shape. These front fenders can also improve front downforce thanks to their aerodynamic shape.

The pricing for every set of the new UP x KAM products ranges from 1,745 USD for the spoilers and 8,845 USD for the fenders. Although it might sound like an astronomically expensive price tag for aftermarket parts, considering the quality and performance these parts can offer your Tesla, you might figure out that every piece of the product should be well worth the price.

The mission of the Koenigsegg and Unplugged Performance partnership is to embrace craftsmanship and technology to create cars that every enthusiast loves to drive. The emergence of the new Tesla aftermarket parts will bring excitement to Tesla owners and lead the electric car culture to an exciting future.

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