Zaunkoenig Reveals World’s Lightest Gaming Mouse Called the M2K

Zaunkoenig Reveals World’s Lightest Gaming Mouse Called the M2K

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Are you looking for that final piece for your gaming setup? If so, behold the lightest carbon fiber mouse in the world from Zaunkoenig. The “German revolutionist” in gaming devices has recently launched the second generation of the Zaunkoenig gaming mouse series - the M2K - which marks a possible and total disruption in the gaming device business.

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Zaunkoenig Revolutionizes the Gaming Experience with World’s Lightest Mouse

Zaunkoenig: The Gaming Mouse "Reinventor"

Zaunkoenig is a German gaming mouse manufacturer that aims to make the world’s best gaming mice from carbon fiber. Zaunkoenig believes that the mouse is the most crucial equipment for every gamer, as this device determines how you can control your gaming activities. Given that the current gaming mice are nowhere near their perfect weight and can be lighter, the central idea is to create a gaming mouse that weighs as lightly as possible for optimal manipulation and is just for fingertip grip.

But, how light is enough? For Zaunkoenig, a perfect mouse should be “zero gram,” so much light that handling a mouse should feel like controlling your fingers. Considering the conventional gaming mice that are long and wide for palm grip, you will notice that using those mice for a prolonged time may result in hand fatigue, in-game movement latency, and poor gaming performance. However, the latest gaming mouse from Zaunkoenig - the M2K - is the best device that allows gamers to steal the show in any esports tournaments.


The M2K: The World’s Lightest Gaming Mouse

The M2K is an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse with a proper ergonomic design. Unlike other full-size mice, mostly made for palm grip and thought to be “pseudo-ergonomic,” the M2K only keeps the essential features that benefit gamers: two buttons and a scroll wheel - no side button and no “gimmicky” features like LEDs. Do you ever see a Formula One racing car with a built-in entertainment system? The M2K is not for show; it is engineered to perform. For maximum performance, a design should only be used for one purpose.

The secret behind the impressive lightweight profile of the M2K, which is even by far lighter than the 60-gram Logitech G Pro X Superlight, is the all-in-carbon-fiber design of the mouse’s shell. In reality, few gaming mouse companies have introduced lightweight mice by intervening in the shell’s material or design. However, the plastic and honeycomb design of the HyperX Pulsefire Haste, for example, may weaken the mouse’s structure and shorten its lifespan. Carbon fiber is the only solution to making both lightweight and durable mice.


Extremely High Polling Rate for “Near Zero Latency”

The Zaunkoenig M2K is among the fastest mice with extremely low end-to-end latency, also known as lag, with a polling rate of 8,000 hertz without a driver. The polling rate is the speed at which the mouse sends data to your computer. For example, most gaming mice have a polling rate of 1000 hertz, which means they send input to your computer 1000 times per second. The M2K is eight times faster, even without external software. This excellent driverless sensitivity is thanks to optimizing the mouse’s firmware.

You must think from the gamer’s perspective to make the best gaming devices for professional gamers. Zaunkoenig creates the M2K for those top-tier players. They compete in esports tournaments, where installation of external software is unavailable. So, what should you do when you want to quickly increase the default mode of the M2K from 1,000 hertz to 8,000? First, you can plug the M2K with both mouse buttons pressed down. Unplugging and repeating the same procedure will switch the polling rate back to default.

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A Legitimate Device for Pinpoint-accuracy Gamers

All of the features mentioned above: an ultra-lightweight profile, a fingertip grip-focused ergonomic design, and extremely high sensitivity; these all make the Zaunkoenig M2K the ultimate device for professional gamers who appreciate pinpoint accuracy. Compared to only a few other devices with the same polling rate, like the Razer Viper 8KHz or the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro, the M2K is still superior in terms of durability and design due to the use of carbon fiber and a streamlined shape. The result is a gaming mouse that is among the most competitive mice in the world, and it is legitimate. 

For first-person shooting (FPS) gamers and those competing in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre, where high accuracy is crucial, the M2K becomes the perfect device. According to what professional gamers and reviewers say about the Zaunkoenig M2K, the device belongs to “alien tech”. It is so good that it is almost unfair in competition. Even for those who use full-size mice, manipulating the M2K becomes straightforward and natural.

At 299 Euros, the Zaunkoenig M2K is the lightest mouse in the gaming world, with all the features that add value to the overall device. So if you are searching for the finishing touch to your gaming setup, the M2K is undoubtedly it.


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