Ferrari-F8-Spider-feat | Mansory Goes Carbon Fiber-crazy on Ferrari F8 Spider

Mansory Goes Carbon Fiber-crazy on Ferrari F8 Spider

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If you have recently purchased a high-end sports car, you may be considering customizing it to reflect your personality. The Germany-based sports car modification firm Mansory has recently revealed new customization for the Ferrari F8 Spider in a variant known as the “Softkit.” Let’s find out how much effort and innovation Mansory has put into this new variant.

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Enhanced Design and Performance on Ferrari F8 Spider With Mansory “Softkit”

In response to the growing demand from a wide range of customers who want their Ferrari to be more distinctive in the streets, Mansory has launched another top-class modified version for the Ferrari F8 once again. The German tuner claims that this new individualization has three focal points: design, wheels, and performance.


The Mansory Softkit Individualization 

If you are a car enthusiast, you probably still remember the previous enhanced version of the Ferrari F8 Tributo from Mansory last year, notoriously known as the F8XX. While last year’s variant for the coupé version showcases an aggressive style with the unique Catania Green colorway, Mansory wants to make the convertible version look more elegant and individually definable yet remains an effective conversion in the best possible way this year.

The “Softkit” customization indicates that Mansory does not make any significant changes to the interior. Instead, it focuses on the exterior design using lightweight materials and enhancing car performance. Specifically, they have given the F8 Spider an entirely new look on the outside with numerous carbon fiber body attachments. Each add-on body part can be ordered and installed individually, meaning this variant is more accessible than the F8XX.


Striking Design With Carbon Fiber Add-on Body Attachments

The visually appealing design on this year’s variant is promising to attract the viewer’s attention at first glance since it offers plenty of aerodynamic add-on components made from ultra-lightweight carbon fiber. The add-on parts can be found in nearly every element of the car, including the front lip, air outtake splitter for the front bonnet, side skirt lip, mirror caps, a rear spoiler with wing option, and a rear diffuser with LED brake light. 

While the customization of the Softkit variant primarily changes the exterior design, the interior is not left untouched. Actually, each seat is precisely embroidered with a Mansory logo on the headrest to mark its subtle refinement even in the interior. Compared with the previous body kit F8XX, the new design on the Softkit variant remains more elegant and less overwhelming, which is perfect for those who prefer to keep the car’s original look.


Modified Wheel-tire Combination With a Black Wheel Set

Mansory has removed the original wheels and tires to make room for its large black wheelset measuring 12x22 inches at the back and 9.5x21 inches at the front. The wheel-tire combination does not only replace the rims but also comes with high-performance tires. The outer lip of the rim also boasts a thin yellow line to harmonize with the massive brake calipers, adding sportiness to the suspension system.

Compared to the F8XX, which boldly showcases gold-colored rims and green brake calipers, the Softkit undoubtedly adds charm to the vehicle. It is because black rims make the car look a lot more attractive and desirable while also appearing equally good on almost all vehicles. Moreover, they allow simple maintenance and give the vehicle a sporty look. However, the dark-color design of the wheels makes it hard to distinguish, especially in low light.

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Better Performance With Enhanced Aerodynamics

While the original version’s 3.9L twin-turbocharged V8 produces an outstanding 710 horsepower and 770 N.m of torque, Mansory has raised these values to an incredible 880 horsepower and 960 N.m of torque. This increase in performance results from enhanced aerodynamics and substantial engine and exhaust system modifications without changing the standard engine’s driveability and excellent response.

As a result, the enhanced driving performance increases the top speed from 340 km/h to 354 km/h. The acceleration time from zero to 100 km/h is reduced from 2.9 seconds to 2.6 seconds. These fantastic figures indicate the continuous effort and dedication from Mansory engineers to fine-tune a vehicle that is already excellent. And, keep in mind that every fraction of the second matters when it comes to setting a new record.

A tuned sports car is more than just a vehicle that gets you from one place to another; it also allows you to have a better driving experience. For Mansory, an effective car conversion encompasses not just modifying the vehicle’s exterior but also upgrading it to a higher level.


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