Moto Parilla Tricolore Electric Bike Has More Carbon Fiber Than a Superbike

Moto Parilla Tricolore Electric Bike Has More Carbon Fiber Than a Superbike

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Do you ever see an e-bike with design, functionality, performance, and elegance? 

For the Italian bike maker Moto Parilla, all can come together to give birth to a silhouette that represents an entire revolution. That is to say, the recently launched Moto Parilla e-bike - Tricolore, is the new king of mountain dragsters.


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Italian Manufacturer Moto Parilla Launches the Tricolore Carbon Bike

Moto Parilla: Rebuilt From Heritage

In 2017, Filippo Beltrami, the founder of today’s Moto Parilla, leveraged a historic bicycle brand in Italy, previously established in the 1960s, to develop a new kind of bicycle.

As a result, Moto Parilla was revived as a unique e-bike manufacturer, based on the ambition to introduce bicycles with motorcycle-like performance to the world. This distinct type of vehicle is designed for a specific market that needs a flashy and intense product.

After its triumphant predecessor - the foldable e-bike “Trilix” released in 2019 - proved itself to be the “master” of city mobility, Moto Parilla decided to introduce to the world another heritage-inspired vehicle - the Tricolore carbon fiber mountain e-bike


Moto Parilla Carbon Bike Design

The Moto Parilla Tricolore is designed for professionals. 

Anyone who demands the most eccentric feel from their bike can tell this is the one. The Tricolore, available in three models named the MX, MR, and M, combines the best features of a mountain bike to deliver a look that has never been seen before.

Now look at that chunky and solidly-built body frame and floating seat post design to understand what I mean by “eccentric.” From the first glance at the design, anyone can tell this e-bike is heavily inspired by the “cyberpunk” style, judging by its bulky profile and the futuristic but otherworldly straight lines and colorways.

The most attention-grabbing detail is the bulky body where the battery is integrated. This body is wrapped around by a monocoque carbon fiber frame made in Italy from a single mold. The single-shell body frame ensures the bike’s integrity. It protects the battery - the most crucial component of an e-bike - from physical impact or water leakage. 


Moto Parilla Carbon Bike Technology

So how much technology does Moto Parilla integrate into the brand-new Tricolore?

The most noticeable high-tech feature of this outlandish e-bike is the Polini 250W motor that can generate a maximum power output of 600W. This powerful motor is the “heart” of the entire vehicle, producing a peak of 90 Nm of torque. The engine is powered by an 880Wh - 36V battery that lasts long enough to reach a staggering 100 km range.

What about the suspension and braking system? 

The Tricolore has suspension on both wheels, which consists of a 29″ upside-down shock absorber at the front and a rocker arm at the rear. According to Moto Parilla, this setup provides superior responsiveness and direct control. The e-bike also mounts the best braking components with double hydraulic disc brakes (240mm front/270mm rear).

The lighting and display system is also a big plus. 

First, the headlight and tail light is fully integrated inside the body frame, which reduces the chance of them being broken when riding on rough terrains. Also, the handlebar-mounted 2.5” color display provides riders with sufficient information about the bike. However, whether it can be connected to a mobile phone app is yet to be announced.


Moto Parilla Carbon Bike Performance

So what can the Moto Parilla Tricolore do with tons of technological features?

First, let’s talk about the impressive 100-km pedal-assisted range this e-bike can use on one battery charge. This number is rare, as most other e-bikes on the market only allow a maximum of 80 km of autonomy. The time it takes to recharge the battery is yet to be announced, but it most likely will be around 3.5 to 6 hours.

The Tricolore can speed up to 15.5 mph (25 kph), which can be considered relatively fast, given the 21-kilogram weight of the entire bike. Yes, this isn’t exactly a lightweight two-wheeler. Still, this weight is acceptable considering the structural rigidity and weight distribution it needs to withstand the trickiest slopes on the mountain. 

Can riding the Tricolore be an enjoyable and smooth experience, even on a muddy track? While we can’t guarantee that, we can tell for now that the upside-down shock absorber and the hydraulic braking system will function exactly how the manufacturer wants them to and send riders to the most exciting ride ever on any terrain possible.


Moto Parilla Carbon Bike Configurations

Although the retail price of this fantastic e-bike is yet to be released, a full technical data sheet like the one below is ready for those enthusiasts to review and adore.


Carbon fiber monocoque with aluminum reinforcements


46 lb (21 kg) 


Polini E-P3+ MX - 250W


Polini 880Wh - 36V


29″ upside-down fork; 210×55 rear shock 

Brakes and Drivetrain

BCA hydraulic brakes; 240mm front/270mm rear

Sram GX electronic shifter

12-speed transmission

Lighting System

Integrated white LED 12V front & red LED 12V rear 

Max Power Output 


Max Torque

90 Nm

Max Speed

15.5mph (25kph)

Pedal Assist 




29x2.6″/27.5x2.6″ front tire

29x2.6″/27.5x2.6″ rear tire

Riding Range

62 mi./100 km

Handlebar-mounted Display

Yes; color TFT - 2.5″


To be released

Finally, for whom is the Moto Parilla Tricolore meant?

It is perfect for those who enjoy long hikes through all terrain and weather. The Tricolore’s suspension system, superb weight distribution, and compact design make it simple to handle even on the trickiest ground. Meanwhile, the motor system’s autonomy, power, and torque let you pedal up even the longest and steepest climbs.

Stay tuned until a complete picture of the Moto Parilla Tricolore is unveiled. In the meantime, let’s anticipate further exciting details about the e-bike to be announced.


If you have questions about Moto Parilla carbon bikes or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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