Carbon Fiber Shoehorn
Carbon Fiber Shoehorn
Carbon fiber bead
Carbon Fiber Shoehorn
Carbon Fiber Shoehorn in Gift Box

Item #: 10817

Carbon Fiber Shoehorn

Sold Out/Discontinued

This item has been sold out or discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

  • Made purely from real carbon fiber (5 layers) with a durable matte finish
  • Strong and lightweight makes it perfect for travel
  • Solid carbon fiber bead on the attached string
  • Packaged in a beautiful box, making for a perfect gift
  • Handmade in Europe by an artisan


6.1" in. x 1.6" in. x 0.7" in.

Actual Item Weight

13 grams (0.46 ounces)

About the Maker

This Lithuanian makers goal is to create awesome accessories made from the most exotic and unusual materials you can find. Each product is made entirely by hand in low batch production, so you can expect distinctive attention to the piece.

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