Purisme Carbon Fiber Business/Credit Card Holder

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A Carbon Fiber Gear Customer
Timothy. O.

Not for use with credit cards

The design of the product makes it almost impossible to use with credit cards. I found myself fumbling at the cash register multiple times to get my card back in. Returned.

Alan B.


There is one word to describe this credit card holder, disappointing. When I was reading the reviews of this product, before ordering, I was excited to receive and use it. I was looking for a credit card holder that was unique, and would protect my cards from hacking. However, the honeymoon was short lived. As soon as I opened the small package, I thought, "Oh No.' The carbon fiber is unique, but the 11 cards that I need to use make the holder look bloated. A constant problem, is pulling out a card from the middle of the pack, all of the cards jump out at you. Another problem, is that I wonder how long the cards will last, pulling them out to use all of the time, the holder is so tight, that the numbers on the cards, may wear down very quickly. Is this card holder unique? Yes, but is it practical? No, at least not, for me, who needs to use their cards daily and not have to worry about them jumping all out. Worth the $250? For me, no, I would rather use that money for a good bottle of wine.

Lindsey P.

Ordering through the website was

Ordering through the website was so easy and fast! The product is beautiful! I will definitely be using Carbon Fiber Gear again.

sam h.

Great quality

I received the purisme carbon fiber credit card holder and it lives up to its name. The carbon fiber looks very clean and slick with a great looking weave. The holder itself is very light and easy to use. If you want something of high quality, light and a cool topic of discussion i highly recommend this product!

Jin Woo

Absolutely phenomenal, yet requiring delicacy.

So, I have purchased this card wallet over the thanksgiving, and yes a lot of friends called me insane for spending over $200 on this thing. But when we opened the box and took this chunk of carbon fiber out, no one could blame on the price, it was a piece of art. The carbon fiber weaves are on top of the quality, that itself is busy showing off its thick and shiny weaves. I am sure the color of the clear-coat will fade over time, as it is exposed under constant uv light - sunlight. But currently, it is showing cool silver-like reflection under the light. However, as shiny it gets, easier to lose the shine. Personally, I am a carbon fiber freak; I own several carbon fiber merchandises including my 2011 S4's interior trims. I have a strong feeling that if you carelessly carry with keys or something sharp or drop it against asphalt, it will have scratches and in the worst case, it will chip from the shock. It has happened to my Porsche design lighter: it has lost glitters from scratches and corner of carbon fiber plate chipped from the drop. As soon as I received the holder, I applied 3M paint protection film over it, just like the cars. Even after wiping with microfiber clothes, I could observe some swirl marks and how sensitive the clear-coat is.. So as long as you take care of it, it will look good as new eternally.



I have been looking for a really unique business card holder and have a passion for carbon fiber. This was a must have. I have been using the product for about a month now and find myself admiring the holder every time I pull it out. What an amazing discussion piece as well. This is the definition of functional art!


Simply awesome

Just received this and one glance, one feel, shows the quality of the product. The weave is mesmerizing to look at. It's extremely light yet feels very sturdy. I'm able to stuff 6 credit cards and it holds them tightly and is still very light. The edges are smooth and cut well, unlike some cheap carbon fiber pieces with rough and unfinished edges. This is a piece that will last a long time.



This thing is sick! Multiple sheets of carbon, held together by some stretch material that does not wear out..... If I have 10 cards in it and at the end of the day have 2 it still has the same tension on it. You get what you pay for, its got some of the nicest weaves ever, glossy, just a cool item...... LOVE IT!