Tonino Lamborghini Argo Carbon Fiber Cigar Lighter, front and back
Tonino Lamborghini black and red gift box
Tonino Lamborghini Argo Carbon Fiber Cigar Lighter, TTR011020

Item #: 10874

Tonino Lamborghini Argo Carbon Fiber Cigar Lighter

Sold Out/Discontinued

This item has been sold out or discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

Made With Real Carbon Fiber

The Tonino Lamborghini Argo lighter is made from a solid metal body with real twill weave carbon fiber inlaid. Carbon fiber is the same material found in the world's fastest and most exclusive supercars.

Wind-Resistant Jet Blue Torch Flame

Simply flip the top, push down on the Tonino Lamborghini icon for a scorching hot jet blue torch flame that is perfect for lighting a cigar in a matter of seconds. The flame is wind-resistant so you don't have to be that embarrassed guy who can't light his cigar.

Refillable Butane

The Argo lighter is butane refillable. It's shipped empty due to shipping regulations.

Perfect Gift

Each Tonino Lamborghini Argo lighter is packaged in a sleek looking black and red rubberized Tonino Lamborghini gift box. This makes it a perfect gift for the cigar aficionado, or, yourself.

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