Drool Over This Full Carbon Fiber C8 Corvette Body Kit by Anderson Composites

Drool Over This Full Carbon Fiber C8 Corvette Body Kit by Anderson Composites

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First introduced in 2019, the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8 has been gaining popularity from the car enthusiast community. However, the base version of the C8 is somewhat in the middle between boldness and elegance, suggesting that there is still room for modification. Realizing the potential to enhance the car further, Anderson Composites has recently launched a complete carbon fiber body kit for the most audacious car owner.

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Anderson Composites Makes the C8 Corvette Body Kit All-carbon Fiber

Anderson Composites: the Carbon Fiber Manufacturer 

Anderson Composites is a California-based carbon fiber manufacturer that renovates late-model muscle cars with its carbon fiber components. Anderson Composites’ mission is to invent products made with utmost attention to detail and top-tier materials to gain its customers’ trust. This car tuner can create everything from carbon fiber, including hoods, trunk lids, and spoilers, to more sophisticated pieces like car doors. To do so, Anderson Composites utilizes technologically advanced manufacturing methods, which opens up a world of possibilities for aftermarket car components.

As a sports car modification firm that has left its marks in various Chevrolet models like the Camaro or Corvette C7, this year, Anderson Composites decided to keep going with the American car brand on the latest Corvette C8 Stingray. However, this time, Anderson Composites does not come with only a few separate components but an entire package that can significantly change the car’s overall look. So, what does the new Corvette C8 body kit offer Stingray’s standard version?


Striking Wide-track Package All in Black Carbon Fiber

Suppose you wonder why the Corvette C8 body kit from Anderson Composites resembles a race car. In that case, this all-in-carbon-fiber Wide-Track Package is inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R, which first debuted on the track in 2020. Making its way to the most renowned tournaments like the IMSA SportsCar Championship, the C8.R is considered a new chapter in the racing legacy of Chevrolet. To align its aftermarket components with the company’s root - renovating muscle cars with top-tier materials - Anderson Composites aims to recapture the race car’s features and give them to the base version of the Corvette C8.

As a result, the Chevy C8 equipped with the body kit has a more aggressive and muscular look, further enhanced by the all-black colorway. Black complements a car’s shape better than any other color. It makes any automobile look larger while giving off a sense of elegance, luxury, stealth, and speed. Looking from the back, the body kit with an additional spoiler enhances the sportiness of an already sporty car. This rear device also significantly increases the car’s aerodynamics for a better driver ability.


A Combination of Both Vacuum-infused and Dry Carbon Fiber

Regarding materials, the body kit package from Anderson Composites combines two of the best types of carbon fiber to compensate for each type’s drawback and enhance the overall quality of the kit. Vacuum infusion uses pressure to pump resin into a closed mold. This technique reduces the resin-to-fiber ratio compared to the same parts created by a conventional process, significantly lowering the production cost. In addition, vacuum-infused carbon fiber is lighter and has a glossy and visually appealing surface effect.

However, vacuum-infused carbon fiber is not the strongest material for a sports car, suggesting that it can be combined with another material. Dry carbon fiber has resin built into the fiber rather than coated in liquid. This carbon fiber is cured at high pressure and heat to remove impurities and strengthen the structure. Therefore, dry carbon fiber is more robust than other types due to its purity yet requires a higher production cost. Dry carbon fiber also looks flat rather than glossy like vacuum-infused carbon fiber. 

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Increased Overall Width Compared to the Standard Version

The most important feature of the C8 Corvette body kit from Anderson Composites is the increased overall width compared to the standard version. Specifically, this package makes the car approximately 3 inches wider than the base Corvette Stingray. The body kit’s dimensions are 74.6 inches at the front and 75.1 inches in width at the rear. This increase in the car’s overall width is what the racing enthusiasts expect to see in their sports car. Why? A wider car has an advantage on the track.

Regarding performance, a car with a larger width is more stable on the turns, meaning it steers with better stability at high speed. The additional curved lines on the kit’s surface also enhance how the car cuts through the air when speeding. These “muscular” curves drive the air around the vehicle down to the back with little air friction and increase downforce, creating a low-pressure area that improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics. That said, a wider car simply looks better from every angle, and a better-looking car is a better car. 

The new body kit from Anderson Composites for the Chevy C8 Corvette Stingray is definitely for those seeking to improve their car’s appearance while slightly enhancing its performance. At 19,999 USD, the package should be sufficient to take the sports car to the next level.


If you have questions about the C8 Corvette body kits or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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