About Carbon Fiber Gear

Our Beginnings

In 2007, we turned our obsession with carbon fiber into a business, with the goal of bringing this amazing material into our lifestyle. We are a family-owned business located outside of Baltimore, Maryland. We are passionate about what we sell, and take pride in our level of customer service as well as product quality.

Why We Love Carbon Fiber?

There is a reason our company slogan is "Carbon Fiber is the New Black®.” Carbon fiber is a material generally known for being strong but lightweight. Because of that, you’ll find it used in industries like motorsports, exotic vehicles, and aerospace. We won’t get into the nitty-gritty technical details or other benefits in here, but feel free to read more about what is carbon fiber.

Outside of its structural benefits, it also happens to have a killer appearance. While carbon fiber can come in a number of different looks based on the particular fabric used, most of us know it for that checkerboard or diagonal weave with three-dimensional depth.

We envision carbon fiber as being a next-generation luxury material for men, which makes it a perfect candidate to have in your everyday products and accessories.

Our Mission

We scour the globe to source, design, develop and curate unique and high-quality products made with carbon fiber and other advanced composite materials.