Carbon Fiber and Exotic Wood Come Together To Create Elegant Watch Cases

Carbon Fiber and Exotic Wood Come Together To Create Elegant Watch Cases

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I know you came for our awesome blog post, but we have to let you in on something. Our main business is a shop that sells a ton of unique and cool lifestyle and personal accessories made with REAL carbon fiber.

If you love carbon fiber as much as we do, go explore!

Post Update: This item is no longer available for sale.

When it comes to picking products we want to sell, it's usually a pretty simple decision for us. Is it carbon fiber, does the quality meet our standards, do we love it and do we think our customers will love it? I bring this up because our newest products met that criteria and we are very excited to now have them available! These stunning carbon fiber watch boxes hail to us all the way from Germany.

Carbon fiber and macassar watch cases

Carbon fiber and macassar watch cases

Handmade in Germany by Rainer, this case is elegantly constructed of genuine carbon fiber and a rare, high-end wood known as macassar. Macassar has a dramatic striped appearance with naturally brown colored lines. It's extremely hard to work with and very expensive due to the slow growth of the tree, the very limited natural habitat and its high desirability due to appearance and toughness.

A thick stripe of carbon fiber is perfectly placed down the middle of the box, from front to back, resembling a racing stripe. The contrast between the two luxury materials is one of the things that attracted us most to these watch boxes.

Trust me, pictures don't do these pieces justice like having one in front of you. Now that we have these available in our store, we are also pleased to be offering two different sizes. One case holds twelve watches while the other holds three. The box that fits three watches also has wider than normal sections for those watches with a larger case:

Carbon fiber and macassar watch cases

Both cases can be locked with the included key.

The craftsmanship of these boxes are as good as it gets and like I mentioned before, they are really stunning. Rainer, the maker of this case, is well known within the high-end watch community for the quality of his products.

The natural looking wood will fit in perfectly with almost any home decor or room design. Normally, we would look to sell an all carbon fiber watch box but once we laid our eyes on this one, we had to have it. The contrast between the natural dark wood and the carbon fiber was too nice.

This distinguished looking watch box is both durable and perfect for keeping your watch collection clean and safe. You've invested all of that into your collection, you don't want to slack on its enclosing and this case is the perfect way to protect your valuables in style.