Mishima Builds Carbon Fiber Furniture with 3D Printing

Mishima Builds Carbon Fiber Furniture with 3D Printing

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Are you looking for that perfect piece to fit your home’s decor? Read on to find out how technology company Mishima uses carbon fiber to craft furniture using the latest 3D printing technology.

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Mishima: From 3D Prototypes to Wondrous Carbon Fiber Furnitur

Mishima Makes the World Lighter Through 3D Printing

Mishima is a start-up technology company working to make everything lighter with carbon fiber. Its mission is to integrate living and working environments for people seeking perfection. Mishima believes that by using mindfulness and meticulousness to tackle challenges, they can make the impossible possible. As a result, the recently introduced lounge set with floating design precisely represents Mishima’s latest quest - creating a light, strong, yet sophisticated piece of furniture for any home.

Although Mishima is a technology company, creating extraordinary designs is a core component of its mission. Indeed, its focus is not all about utility but also wonder. Mishima strives to elicit joy and astonishment from clients with each new piece. This time, Mishima presents a combination of a chair and an ottoman to the world.


A Sophisticated Carbon Fiber Chair-Ottoman Combination


The high-strength carbon fiber frame of the chair, constructed using 3D printing technology, allows for perfect balance. The upholstery is crafted from top-notch fabrics from the world’s best tanners. Most importantly, the structure sits on an ultra-strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel swivel base for a steady foundation. This uniquely elegant design may be the origin of the lounge set’s distinguishing, somewhat pretentious moniker - Air To The Throne.

Mishima claims that they are making an effort to reduce the time for the manufacturing process through many versions of the product. We all know that 3D printing is a high-precision technology requiring a lot of time for a single item. Typically, printing a three-dimensional object can take up to 12 hours. Sometimes, this number can be several days, depending on the size and difficulty of the 3D model. For Mishima, the entire chair-ottoman set can be made in a day. The minute you order, they print it.  


Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese Sensibilities

Carbon fiber is usually deployed in the most extravagant, high-end products due to its ability to withstand extreme environments, resulting in its presence in some exotic sports cars and spacecraft. However, carbon fiber is not popular in the items we use for house decoration. Mishima has successfully fused carbon fiber into everyday objects, further elevating a house’s aesthetic sense. More importantly, carbon fiber can bring about the manifestation of the Scandinavian and Japanese sensibilities.

Scandinavian and Japanese design style combines beauty, simplicity, and utility with an emphasis on warm and natural elements. This artistic approach prioritizes functionality over decoration. With the primary use of carbon fiber, the Air To The Throne lounge set perfectly harmonizes what the item offers in terms of functions without compromising its aesthetic taste. For this reason, the set can be placed in a minimalist room with a bare wood floor and glass walls for maximum representation.

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Customized Designs Are Available for More Options

The Air To The Throne lounge set comes with some signature designs for those appreciating personalization. To help their clients experience a seamless customizing process, Mishima deploys an artificial intelligence (AI) service that assists in selecting options that best suits the clients’ taste and the manufacturer’s capacity. Mishima can make furniture as extravagant as possible, from exquisite leather to high-end textiles with various colorways.

Bringing carbon fiber to everyday objects like furniture through 3D technology is one of the most exciting ideas for those seeking craftsmanship in a modern design. It is safe to say that the day will not be far away when we can embrace everything carbon fiber in our homes.

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