TUMI x McLaren Releases Luxurious Carbon Fiber Luggage

TUMI x McLaren Releases Luxurious Carbon Fiber Luggage

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When constantly moving, luggage is your best companion to ensure a smooth venture. The right luggage and travel accessories can effectively reduce the hassle of waiting in lines and dragging your belongings through arduous transits. 

Looking for the best carbon fiber luggage to complement your travel experience? TUMI x McLaren can transform your adventures while allowing you to travel in style and absolute comfort. 

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  • TUMI x McLaren: A Match Made in Heaven
  • TUMI's McLaren-Inspired Collection: A New Addition to Your Lineup
  • TUMI x McLaren Luxurious Carbon Fiber Luggage: A Jet Setter's Must-Have


    Travel in Style with TUMI x McLaren's High-Performance Luggage & Travel Accessories Collection

    TUMI x McLaren: A Match Made in Heaven

    Since 1975, TUMI has declared a strong statement on the integrity of sleek design, innovation, and durability through its vast collection of carry-ons and luggage, ensuring the best travel experience possible for all globetrotters around the world. 

    In the world of luxurious cars, McLaren continues to stay on top as the world's renowned expert in blending out the territory line between cutting-edge technology and stylishness through their supercar models like 765LT and Aura.

    Since 2019, the handshake between TUMI and McLaren has put fast cars and modern luggage fans at the edge of their seats. The partnership highlights their shared core values and ambition to transform travelers' experiences with TUMI's exceptional luggage designs and McLaren's innovation and technology. Each collection reflects key elements from the world's leading brands in luxury lifestyles.


    TUMI's McLaren-Inspired Collection: A New Addition to Your Luggage Lineup

    As better as it gets, TUMI and McLaren continue to please all eyes on their partnership by coming up with premium additions to their capsule collection, pivoting on the mantra of traveling with style and elegance while also elevating and offering greater comfort with every move on the go. 

    This time, the dynamic duo decides to keep the same design elements but simultaneously leverage the new range by embedding top-tier materials that are endurable in all situations yet luxurious to the touch. The recent arrival of luggage sets and accessories captured both brands' spirits, just like what top executives of TUMI and McLaren stated right at the start of their collaboration:

    "Travel and lifestyle are central to the sport of Formula 1, so our new partnership with TUMI is perfect. Like McLaren, TUMI is constantly pursuing better in everything it does through optimization and innovation." — Zak Brown, Chief Executive Office, McLaren.

    "It's an exciting step for TUMI to venture into this collaboration with McLaren. At TUMI, we pride ourselves on truly understanding our customers, as well as having the foresight to develop products that meet their evolving travel needs. We believe that partnering with McLaren to bring their cutting edge, lightweight technologies to a collaborative collection will support TUMI's mission of providing high-performance solutions and innovative products that optimize the journey." — Rob Cooper, President, TUMI.

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    TUMI x McLaren Luxurious Carbon Fiber Luggage: A Jet Setter's Must-Have

    Traveling light was once unimaginable, but nothing is impossible when TUMI and McLaren aim to redefine the luxury of travel with their made-to-last luggage and travel accessories. With McLaren's design philosophy of "pushing the boundaries of lightweight and performance" in mind, the new TUMI x McLaren luggage collection continues to follow in the footsteps of the last collection with unique touches. 

    In August 2022, TUMI and McLaren unveiled the campaign "Built for The Journey" featuring big names in sports and entertainment like Korea-born footballer Son Heung Min, singer-songwriter Gracie Adams, actor and musician Anthony Ramons, and McLaren F1 driver Lando Noris. 

    All the new pieces — in charcoal black color — are the perfect blend of sleek, fashionable, and compact design reminiscing McLaren's legendary road cars and F1 machines wrapped in lightweight, durable, and scratch-resistant materials, allowing travelers to handle their carry-ons with ease. The charcoal-colored carbon fiber material CX6 brings depth to the new creations with leather trimming details.

    What makes TUMI x McLaren's carry-on particularly distinguishable from the rest? The answer lies in the material that encapsulates both brands' wildest dreams in reaching the new height of redefining the journeys of global jet setters. Since the beginning, TUMI and McLaren have had a strong interest in producing the best travel accessories for every need through the alignment of technology and top-quality components. More specifically, McLaren continues to carry on its 40-year-long legacy by adding a touch of carbon fiber material in partnership with the world's leading luggage manufacturer TUMI. 

    With the new creations, both brands expertly employ carbon fiber CX6 engineered material for the entire body — an exclusive, flexible material making numerous appearances in yacht, race car, and airplane manufacturing. Furthermore, as a high-performance and high-quality material, CX6-made luggage and travel accessories are equipped with exceptional ability to resist abrasion, thereby preserving the lifespan and durability of each piece. 

    Whether seeking a top solution to cut back on the hassle of traveling or adding a new piece to your carry-on collection, TUMI x McLaren's game-changing move guarantees to satisfy your every need. 

    Discover TUMI x McLaren's collection HERE.


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