Asira Design Offers Carbon Fiber Body Swap for Ford Mustangs

Asira Design Offers Carbon Fiber Body Swap for Ford Mustangs

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Ford Mustang - the soul-stirring beast, a race-winning dominator - has been forging the adrenaline-filled dreams in American car enthusiasts for decades.

Today, we’re thrilled again as we behold the rebirth of the classic Mustang in the shape of a technologically advanced supercar.

Buckle up, get hyped, and look closely at the new Asira carbon fiber Mustang.

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Asira Mustang Makes the American Icon a Real Dose of Dopamine

Asira Design: Classic Muscle Car “Reimagined”

Asira Design is an Arizona-based car modification company whose mission is to bring the icon of the American muscle - the Ford Mustang - into the realm of supercars. 

This company makes every step towards its goal by fusing craftsmanship and advanced technology. From “reimagination” to execution, every Asira product has remained true to the company’s roots - maintaining the style of an American classic while leveling up the car’s performance and appearance.

Indeed, even the most minor details matter and the materials used for making Asira cars are properly chosen throughout the development process. As a result, Asira can provide items with cutting-edge designs and unrivaled quality. 

One of the most vital “weapons” that shape the power and look of Asira cars is the use of carbon fiber. Produced from scratch by experts, every Asira carbon component works harmoniously, resulting in ultimate performance and aesthetics. 


Carbon Fiber Wide Body With a Visible Finish

The first impression of the Asira carbon fiber Mustang is an enlarged front grill and side air vents, which give it a menacing look from the front. In addition, the iconic Mustang logo on the front grill has been removed, insinuating that this is not a “regular” Mustang but an Asira.

The enlarged bonnet vents of the Asira Mustang also increase the airflow and the aerodynamic behavior of the car. With an increased amount of airflow the car receives inside the hood, the cooling system also works more efficiently. And did you notice the protruding fenders both at the front and rear? They make it easier to corner the car at high speed. 

For this reason, in terms of performance, it’s easy to tell that the car has a good level of driving stability and powerful cornering that its muscular appearance suggests.

However, the main distinctive appeal of the Asira Mustang is the visible 4x4 twill pattern carbon finish throughout the whole body kit. 

To have this fully exposed carbon fiber finish on the Asira Mustang, you must pay an extra $15,000 on top of the whopping $43,000 for the higher-tier exterior upgrade because the basic body package won’t give you this feature. 

Now let’s admire the shiny, jaw-dropping carbon fiber body kit painted in a mesmerizing mahogany red tint. Keep in mind that the color of the body kit is customizable, with an option to add accent colors for another $1,500. 

This whole body kit in carbon fiber is so lightweight that it shaves over 200 lbs off the car. With the use of aluminum wheels and the removal of rear seats, the total weight saving goes up to around 300 lbs, enough to improve the car’s driving performance in all aspects. 


Carbon Fiber Dashboard and Steering Wheel

The interior of the Asira carbon fiber Mustang is also stunning, with a combination of Italian leather and satin-finished carbon elements on the dashboard, the steering wheel, and the door panels. 

Every detail is taken care of to the greatest extent possible, ensuring the driver has a visually pleasing yet functional ambiance and an excellent driving experience behind the wheel. The white accents that contrast with black leather and red stitching also resonate with the carbon elements, giving this car a dynamic, performance-oriented sensation.

Forget how strong, durable, and lightweight the carbon fiber components are and look closely at the beautiful twill patterns on every surface you can touch inside the cabin. They’re impressive, sporty, and, most importantly, they resemble the interior of a genuine racing car.

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Carbon Fiber Driveshaft for Performance Upgrade

The driveshaft, the component that transmits the torque from the gearbox to the wheels to move the car, is also made from single-piece carbon fiber in the new Asira Mustang. 

This modification is rare in performance-focused cars since the driveshaft has to be highly robust to withstand massive force from the transmission to the vehicle’s moving parts. 

However, unlike steel or aluminum alloys typically used in regular driveshafts, carbon fiber is lightweight, reducing the resistance due to the weight of the shaft itself. The result is a staggering 825 hp that allows the Asira carbon fiber Mustang to climb quickly through the rpm range and reach a breakneck speed within no time.


Asira Carbon Fiber Mustang Options and Pricing

Exterior Upgrades

Tier 1 - Full Carbon Fiber Body Package


Complete set of carbon fiber body panels 

The exterior panel is replaced with custom carbon fiber 

Installed and painted with exposed carbon fiber accents

Tier 2 - Full Exposed Carbon Fiber Finish


Show-grade finish on all body panels

Symmetrical 4x4 twill pattern 

Centerline V twill weave 

Finished with custom color tint & clear coat
Additional custom accent color for $1,500

Interior Upgrades

Exposed Carbon Fiber Interior Package


Custom Steering Wheel


10.2” Touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple Carplay


Full Custom Leather Interior 


Front Race Seats


Rear Seats Delete


Performance Upgrades

Supercharger with heat exchanger


Carbon Fiber Driveshaft




Adjustable Suspension

From $600

20x11 & 21x13 Forged Wheels


305/30ZR20 & 355/25ZR21 Michelin Tires


Brembo 6 Piston Brakes


Custom Exhaust 


Upgrades might include the exterior body kit only to full performance, exterior, and interior modifications. Refer to this page for more information about the Asira carbon fiber Mustang’s options and pricing.

It’s fair enough to say that the Asira carbon fiber Mustang is a genuine technological masterpiece with an exceptional design that induces excitement from the very first glimpse.


If you have questions about the Asira carbon fiber Mustang or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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