This Chevy Nova SS Wrapped With Carbon Fiber Defies Muscle Car

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People may never forget living in the 1970s and enjoying the sight and sound of muscle cars on the road. From the ’65 Mustang to ’67 Camaro, those American-made machines marked a “golden age” of car history. However, classic dragsters can be made differently for some car lovers. 

Find out how the notorious Chevy Nova SS, which once went wild in the 70s, is reborn with carbon fiber. 

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Rendering Turns the Chevy Nova SS Into a Carbon Fiber Beast on Steroids

Emmanuel Brito: The Creator Behind This Artwork 

While the automotive industry is modernizing itself to present the world with the most contemporary technology, there are still some old-fashioned car enthusiasts who latch onto the primitive vehicles of earlier times, known as the “classic muscle cars.” Emmanuel Brito, a car artist from Venezuela, is one of them, and he has been creating numerous 3D car prototypes using his digital rendering skills.

Having a glance at Brito’s collection of cars, it is clear that this guy has been a diehard fan of vintage muscle cars. The Venezuelan automotive digital designer has produced 3D prototypes for some of the most renowned autos in history, such as the 69 Camaro, the Ford F100, and even the long-ago 1937 Nash Lafayette

This time, Brito, or @personalizatuauto, as he would like to call himself on social media, continues with another well-recognized classic car - the Chevy Nova SS. So, what does this recent artwork have to show the world? Without further ado, let’s delve right into it. 


All-in-carbon-fiber Muscular Exterior Design 

A Familiar Silhouette

Suppose you know well enough about the original, old-school Chevrolet Nova. In that case, you will know that this car was originally for the real badasses, who would not hesitate to rock the most aggressive autos on the street. 

However, even if you are not a petrolhead, you will still find the silhouette of the Chevy Nova familiar since this particular car has shown up in many movies and TV shows. Remember the first scene you see on the screen in Forrest Gump? Or the chasing scene around the streets in Godfather? Regardless of its generation, this figure is considered the soul of America and is an integral part of American car history.


A Buffed-up Design 

Nevertheless, for Emmanuel Brito, a muscle car can be more muscular, and class may incorporate some modern touches. 

Behold the new extensively modified Chevy Nova SS, and you will understand what I mean. The 3D prototype appears bigger and substantially heavier than the original design. This size increase is due to the widening of the fenders, both at the front and the rear, that frame the extended, carbon fiber sports wheels. However, don’t let the prototype’s appearance fool you into thinking that this version weighs more than the authentic car.


Everything Carbon Fiber

Thanks to the omnipresent use of carbon fiber all over the car’s body, the concept Chevy Nova SS, if turned into a real car, should be one of the lightest vehicles that roll on the street. 

Carbon fiber is well-known for its incredible strength-to-weight ratio, which can be extremely strong and durable at lightweight. As a result, the more carbon fiber present on a car, the less weight the vehicle will carry and the better it will perform.


Massive Carbon Fiber Wheels With Brake Calipers 

Who says classic cars don’t need brake calipers? The idea of using drum brakes has become way too obsolete in today’s vehicles. That is why the tuned Chevy Nova SS concept has completely removed the old, inefficient braking system with a set of enormous disc brake calipers that stands out in bright red colorway. Just because it is an “old” car does not mean it will only creep painfully along the road. The presence of a set of colossal brake calipers is to “hold back” the speediest drivers. 

What about those multi-spoke rims seemingly made of glossy, black carbon fiber? Today’s drivers are too fed up with the dull aluminum wheels that compromise the rugged look a muscle car should have. Instead, we would love to boast the most menacing wheels on our sports cars.

For this reason, the Chevy Nova SS includes a set of multi-spoke rims to excite even the snobbiest car owner. Besides their role as a style point, the carbon fiber wheels contribute significantly to the overall driving experience. The lighter the wheels, the faster the car can roll.

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Current Touches That Make the Classic Car More Modern

Is it just me, or does the Chevy Nova SS look absolutely up-to-date? Apart from the muscular, straight lines that go over the car and humble use of soft curves, the presence of LED headlights and taillights adds a great sense of modernism to the Nova. 

At the front, a duo of horizontal lights that look nicer and, of course, project light more efficiently replaces the initially round headlights. Moreover, have you seen the illuminating “SS” emblem yet? To make the car stand out in the crowd, you need some attention-grabbing feature as a focal point. This glowing symbol makes everyone on the street stand in awe of your Chevrolet, draw-dropped.

The exact use of LED lights is the same as at the back of the Chevy Nova SS, except for one thing: they all go red. The exhaust system was modified, too, as it has doubled the number of exhaust pipes. Last but not least, the rear diffuser, with those giant flaps, is added to maximize the automobile’s aerodynamics. 

As a digital rendering product, the modified Chevrolet Nova SS has become a carbon fiber beast “on steroids.” As the creator of the car said: “classic cars don’t die.” Will this rebirth of the Nova be the beginning of a new era of muscle dragsters?


If you have questions about the Chevy Nova SS or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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