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The Coolest Carbon Fiber Cigar Accessories

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It's possible to smoke a cigar without a humidor, cigar cutter, and lighter. But, without the right tools, the experience will be inferior. Make the most out of every cigar with these cigar accessories.

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  3. Cigar Lighters
  4. More Cigar Accessories


Cigar Accessories Every Collector Needs

Cigar Cutters

Carbon fiber cigar cutter | The Coolest Carbon Fiber Cigar Accessories | Cigar cutter

A cigar cutter is one of the essential tools in your smoking collection. Most hand-rolled cigars have a cap at the end that you should cut carefully. For the best experience, you want a clean cut with no jagged edges.  

A scissor, knife, or teeth won't give you an even cut, and you risk losing tobacco. Even worse, a blunt tool may damage the cigar and ruin the burn. 

Each cutter style serves a different purpose to enhance distinct cigar sizes and shapes. 

The Xikar Xi3 Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter features a double-guillotine action with powerful cutting ability in one simple squeeze. A straight cutter or guillotine style is one of the most popular options, and according to some, it's the only cutter you'll ever need.

Because it slices from both sides, it offers a clean cut. This tear dropped shaped cutter will cut a 54 ring gauge cigar in half, and depending on how much you cap out, it will cut up to a 58 ring gauge cigar.

Cigar connoisseurs and beginners who want the same perfect hole size every time prefer the Tack Carbon Fiber Cigar Punch. Similar to a hole punch, a sharp circular blade cuts the cigar. It opens the cigar with almost no mess and leaves a smooth edge smoke. 

The Tack is ideal for larger cigars that don't fit inside a guillotine cutter. Plus, it has a built-in key ring. So, you can take it wherever you go, and you won't lose it.



Carbon fiber cigar humidor | The Coolest Carbon Fiber Cigar Accessories | Humidor

Storage is the secret to maintaining the cigar shelf life. Unprotected cigars can dry out and lose flavor or become moldy and unsmokeable. 

Cigars come from tropical regions, with high levels of humidity (roughly 70%). For this reason, cigars don't last long in climates that are too cold. 

That's where a humidor comes in handy. It mimics the tropical climate and allows you to store cigars at the ideal temperature and humidity. A humidor also discourages tobacco beetle eggs from hatching. 

Humidors come in a variety of materials and sizes, and the type of humidor you choose depends on personal preference. Besides aesthetics, the humidor material can affect the cigars.

Keep your cigars perfect in the Porsche Design P'3685 50-Cigar Carbon Fiber Humidor. It has a sleek, stealthy matte exterior and a Spanish cedar wood interior. Spanish cedar is the wood of choice for a humidor for many reasons, such as:

  • Elegant appearance
  • Maintains moisture
  • Pleasant cedar scent that it will softly pass on to your cigars
  • Regulates humidity naturally

The twill weave carbon fiber will showcase your cigar collection in style while the integrated humidifier ensures a constant relative humidity.

Protect your cigars while you travel with the 2-Cigar Carbon Fiber Travel Humidor. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and a real carbon fiber exterior. 

Inside you'll find a humidifier to keep your cigars fresh, while the outside caps contain an integrated temperature gauge. Lastly, it comes in a black velvet bag. So, it's an excellent gift for the cigar fanatic in your life.

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Cigar Lighters

Carbon fiber cigar lighter | The Coolest Carbon Fiber Cigar Accessories | Cigar lighter

You can't smoke a cigar without a fire but don't ruin the taste with a low-quality lighter. Ideally, you want a clean-burning lighter with a larger flame. It should also not get too hot too quickly.

Lighting a cigar with a soft flame lighter or match can be tricky, especially for beginners. A refillable butane lighter is ideal for regular cigars. But go for a torch lighter if you have to smoke in the great outdoors because they're usually wind-proof. 

Single jet cigar lighters and small ring cigars go great together. The Porsche Design P'3632 Carbon Fiber Lighter is beautiful, and the flame design spreads out the flame over a larger surface area, which makes it more efficient in butane consumption. 

If you prefer Italian to German, the Tonino Lamborghini Pergusa Carbon Fiber Torch Flame Lighter might be more your style. And it has a 7mm integrated cigar punch for convenience. 

Larger ring cigars, such as 60 rings, require a multi-flame lighter. Fortunately, there are plenty of options.

The Dobrev III Triple Jet Flame Black Carbon Fiber Lighter packs a punch with three adjustable flames. It comes with a built-in cigar punch, and it's also available in chrome.

For a little less firepower, the Infinity Double Jet Flame Chrome & Carbon Fiber Lighter has similar features but only two flames. You can also get it in black for a more classic carbon fiber look.

Whether you get one for yourself or give it to somebody who appreciates the finer things, each lighter arrives in a gorgeous gift box. 


More Cigar Accessories

Carbon fiber cigar case | The Coolest Carbon Fiber Cigar Accessories | More Cigar Accessories

A cigar ashtray is not the same as those for cigarettes. A cigar should burn out by itself, and a Real Carbon Fiber Cigar Ashtray makes the best resting place. You also use it to roll the ash off the cherry. Additionally, the durable thick diamond aluminum plate bottom makes for a nice contrast and easier cleaning.

The final accessory you need is a cigar case. Keep your cigars safe on the move with the Xikar Envoy 3 Carbon Fiber Cigar Case. In addition to elegance and function, the case projects the fresh Spanish cedar smell of a humidor every time you open it.

You might only need a flame and a cigar to smoke, but these cigar accessories will ensure an exceptional experience. Finally, they're the ultimate gift for any cigar connoisseur, or treat yourself and make smoking a cigar an extraordinary event.

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