Deadmau5's Carbon Fiber Mouse Head Steals Grammy Red Carpet Show

Deadmau5's Carbon Fiber Mouse Head Steals Grammy Red Carpet Show

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This past Sunday's Grammy Awards received the second highest ratings in history and while many people are crediting the tribute to recently fallen Whitney Houston, I am going to have to disagree. I think the mania was all due to Deadmau5's debut of his carbon fiber mouse head.

Deadmau5 carbon fiber head at 2012 Grammy's

The Canadian electronic music producer and Grammy nominee, Deadmous5, updated his Facebook status on February 8, to "will be debuting a couple new heads at the grammys. :) yes... 2 of em!", enticing fans all over to tune in. Once he hit the red carpet it was game over to any previously worn head gear. This carbon fiber edition was awesome and probably the lightest one yet!  You can take a look at the head in the making:

Making of Deadmau5's carbon fiber head for 2012 Grammy's

Access Hollywood was able to stop the performer for a quick red carpet interview. When the interviewer asked Deadmau5, "so how heavy is that on your head?" He replied, "it's the super duper racing edition. It's carbon fiber. So it's pretty light"

Not only was he sporting a carbon fiber mouse head, but on his t-shirt was Skrillex's cell phone number, followed by "U mad bro?". Skrillex then set up a call forwarding system, so all the phone calls would bounce back to Deadmau5. "Nice try with the call forwarding @skrillex ;) one step ahead of you! Ps. Congrats dude! Seriously, so rad!", Deadmau5 Tweeted. The two continued to tweet back and forth throughout the night but it seems there were no hard feelings. As Skrillex came out on top, taking home three Grammy Awards, leaving Deadmau5 empty handed. I wonder if anyone out there would prefer to go home with this carbon fiber head piece rather than a Grammy? It definitely cost more to manufacture!

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