5 Carbon Fiber Travel Bags Perfect For Your Holiday Trip-feature | 5 Carbon Fiber Travel Bags Perfect For Your Holiday Trip

5 Carbon Fiber Travel Bags Perfect For Your Holiday Trip

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Are you looking for a new travel bag but don’t know which is the best for you? Whether you’re flying or just driving away for the weekend, a good-quality travel bag can help you spend less time packing your belongings and more time enjoying your trip. Read this article to find the perfect travel bag for life on the move.

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In This Article:

  1. TUMI | McLaren Teron Travel Kit - $275
  2. RAGGEDedge Airstream Carbon Fiber Sailcloth Duffel Bag - $400
  3. Kamoto Simons Boston Carbon Fiber Bag - $875
  4. TUMI | McLaren Quantum Duffel - $1100
  5. Londono Easy Travel Carbon Fiber and Leather Weekend Bag - $1280


5 Carbon Fiber Travel Bags That Enhance Your Travelling Experience

Travelling could be a good experience for anyone wanting to relax after strenuous working days. However, it would be best if you had a travel bag to pack all of your items and make you feel confident. Here are the five travel bags made from carbon fiber that allow you to conquer any journey.


1. TUMI | McLaren Teron Travel Kit - $275

McLaren Teron Travel Kit | 5 Carbon Fiber Travel Bags Perfect For Your Holiday Trip

The first candidate on the list is the Teron Travel Kit from TUMI and McLaren. TUMI has teamed up with the British automotive manufacturer for a unique partnership that integrates lifestyle, fashion, and technology. The Teron Travel Kit has aerodynamic automotive designs that feature a sleek molded front panel. This bag, at the weight of just 1.36 pounds, could be a multi-purpose bag that travels with you on vacation, to the gym, or when you’re doing laps around the track.

The Teron Travel Kit consists of CX6™ carbon fiber, densely woven for high strength, low stretch, and lightweight performance. In collaboration with the American manufacturer Carbitex, TUMI has transformed the typically stiff carbon fiber into a luxurious, soft-to-the-touch travel bag. The Teron Travel Kit comes at $275 as the most affordable travel bag on the list.


2. RAGGEDedge Airstream Carbon Fiber Sailcloth Duffel Bag - $400 

The second travel bag that pops up on the list is the Airstream Carbon Fiber Sailcloth Duffel Bag from RAGGEDedge Gear. This bag is constructed of a flexible carbon fiber sailcloth initially created for the aerospace industry, making it durable, lightweight, and fashionable. You can avoid searching for your bag at the baggage claim with this one-of-a-kind duffel bag since it stands out from the crowd.

With a weight of only 2 pounds, this duffel bag could be an excellent option for air travel with all of the baggage weight limits. The bag comes at the price tag of $400. 


3. Kamoto Simons Boston Carbon Fiber Bag - $875

Kamoto Simons Boston Carbon Fiber Bag | 5 Carbon Fiber Travel Bags Perfect For Your Holiday Trip

Next up, behold the Boston Carbon Fiber Bag from Kamoto Simons. This travel bag is made with authentic carbon fiber and first-rate calfskin leather. Thanks to its finest materials, it has the luxury, flexibility, and a high gloss that catches the crowd’s eye. Being a piece of luggage that fits everything, this travel bag could be practical yet versatile at 2.2 pounds and is highly aesthetic.

The interior of the Boston bag also offers you a feeling of high quality since the lining, and the pockets, are made of plush grey suede. The carbon fiber in this bag is also weather-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about keeping it from getting soaked in the rain.

The Boston bag comes with a removable leather shoulder strap for easier carrying. It also has beige and python leather options by special order only for those who like to upgrade the standard option from $875 to a higher-end item. 


4. TUMI | McLaren Quantum Duffel - $1100

McLaren Quantum Duffel | 5 Carbon Fiber Travel Bags Perfect For Your Holiday Trip

Another bag from the TUMI and McLaren collaboration is the Quantum Duffel. At $1100, this top-notch travel bag provides the users with various technologies, high-quality materials, and the exclusive TUMI Tracer®. 

The first feature worth mentioning is the TUMI’s patented Add-A-Bag system. With a securely fastened tab closure, this hook can hold over 200 pounds to help quickly and easily add another travel item, accessory, or business briefcase. However, compared to the first three bags on the list, this bag itself is a bit hefty at 5.32 pounds.

The Quantum Duffel is made from CX6™ carbon fiber and HTLS Polyester®. While the former material remains the same as in the Teron Travel Kit, the latter material possesses high-tenacity durability with low shrinkage properties that allow the fabric to keep its shape in a variety of temperature and weather conditions.

Another exclusive feature of this travel bag is the Omega Closure System®. It prevents the zipper from damage. The Omega zipper puller can be detached from the bag if it becomes caught. The puller can also be quickly and easily replaced.

If you are a frequent traveler, you have probably experienced an undesirable moment at the baggage claim: losing luggage. TUMI Tracer® can help you reunite with your lost or stolen items. It is an exclusive program that helps recover the missing items by numbering individual products and saving the owner’s contact information in the Tracer database.

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5. Londono Easy Travel Carbon Fiber and Leather Weekend Bag - $1280

Londono Easy Travel Carbon Fiber and Leather Weekend Bag | 5 Carbon Fiber Travel Bags Perfect For Your Holiday Trip

The ultimate bag on the list is for people that value craftsmanship and materials. The Londono Easy Travel Carbon Fiber and Leather Weekend Bag takes roughly 18 hours to create by a single expert artisan using the finest leather, called Aero.

Similar to the Quantum Duffel, the travel bag from Londono is quite heavy at 5.2 pounds due to its various materials and its large size. Apart from the first-rate leather, the bag also has different finishes and weaves of carbon fiber. You’ll find a variety of carbon fiber finishes, including twill weave, plain weave, matte, and glossy finishes.

The bag has a dual zipper flap with a magnetic end to give you quick access to items you need frequently. Each bag is individually numbered on the bag tag for easy recovery in case it is missing.

So, suppose you are looking for a hybrid duffel/overnight bag that is great for that cross-country holiday trip you’ve been planning while remaining versatile by fitting in the overhead bin on airplanes. In that case, this bag is good for you. With this high-end travel bag, you’ll have a stress-free packing experience to save more time to enjoy the vacation.

Now you know which is the right travel bag for your upcoming vacation. Make your next holiday trip the best time of your life by choosing the best carbon fiber travel bag. 


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