Hermes $16,000 Carbon Fiber Briefcase

Hermes is known as one of the most luxurious and prestigious brands in the world, and their carbon fiber briefcase is a prime example of this:

Hermes carbon fiber briefcase

The briefcase has a carbon fiber outer case and tan leather inner lining/handle. The locks are 18k gold plated, and there is also a small plate where your initials can be engraved. There are two different sizes, the larger (shown above) being 19" X 14.5" X 6".

The briefcase has a limited production run of 500, and is priced at $16,000. Unfortunately the only place that I could find a picture or information was this eBay auction which has it priced for $10,000 new. I couldn't find anything on the Hermes website. If anybody has or can find more pictures, please let me know.