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4 Great Things About Lemond’s Carbon Fiber Electric Bikes

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If you’re into cycling, the name Greg LeMond should pique your interest. The three-time Tour de France champion has left his glory days behind to build LeMond Bikes - a renowned bicycle brand bearing his name and legacy. Here is what to expect from “Dutch” and “Prolog” - the two most recent electric models of the brand. 

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In this article:

  1. Carbon Fiber Frame
  2. Smooth Power Delivery
  3. Everyday-Carry Item
  4. Work of Art


LeMond Bikes - Carbon Fiber Bike, Electrified, and Stylish

1. Carbon Fiber Frame

As one would ask, what to expect from that $4,500 price tag? Carbon fiber is the answer. The material features in almost every component of both models, including:

  • Frame and fork
  • Combined handlebar-stem
  • Fenders, seatpost
  • Racks and baskets (custom)
  • Carbon-braided wheelset with tune hubs (upgrade option)

The carbon fiber monocoque frame absorbs bumps much better than a heavy metal frame of most electric bikes, especially those with 700c tires. 

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2. Smooth Power Delivery

If you’re looking for the technology that sets LeMond bikes apart, it is the Mahle X35+ Smart Ebike System.

This system offers cyclists three levels of assist for a range of 45 miles, pushing 20 mph at top speed via its 250W 36v rear hub motor. Unlike most electric bikes with a fixed amount of power based on the assist level, LeMond bikes boast a torque sensor that proactively supplies power as needed.

The Mahle X35+ also powers the integrated 500-lumen headlight and 70-lumen taillights through a battery housed in the downtube, ensuring visibility and safety in groups and traffic. Both lights come with static and strobe settings.

And the most fascinating thing is you can turn on everything, from headlight, taillights to different levels of electric assist with a single button on the top tube bordered by an LED ring. Minimalism at its finest!

3. Everyday-Carry Item

Both models weigh only 27 lb (12.25 kg), which mostly comes from the Mahle X35+ system and the battery. This is incredibly lighter than most electric bikes, which typically fall into the 50-70 lb range. Very few could go under 40 lb. 

The remarkable lightweight allows these LeMond bikes to fit on regular walls and car racks, or even down the subway and up to several flights of stairs. 

Combined with an 11-speed Shimano drivetrain, these lightweight bikes can stay reassuringly sturdy over any terrain, even for someone over 250 lb!

4. Work of Art

People might hesitate to hit the road with LeMond bikes because the moment you had your hands on one of these bikes, you know why - they are truly works of art:

  • Matte finishes and minimalist design
  • Intricately designed welds 
  • Clean-finished seams
  • Integrated headlight & taillights
  • Selle Royal Saddle 

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Greg LeMond’s brand has more models coming, including one named “Road” rolling out this summer. Right now, fans can tune in for the latest news on LeMond’s official website. Orders are also available for the Prolog and Dutch models, but customers should expect an 8-10 -week delivery.  

LeMond bikes are yet another carbon fiber item that takes functionality and aesthetics to a whole new level. Love them? Leave your comment, or browse other carbon fiber products at our store


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