SmallRig FreeBlazer Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Tripod 3989 Review

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Our last SmallRig review blog discussed why the AP-20 is the best carbon fiber tripod under the $150 price tag. 

However, with this lightweight tripod at a maximum height of only 158cm, carrying out heavy-duty tasks like taking shots from overhead perspectives takes a lot of work. This feature isn’t enough for those needing more extensive requirements from a tripod for video.

In this blog, we’re bringing another product from SmallRig that can meet your expectations in every photography condition while maintaining a lightweight, portable capacity. So draw your attention to the SmallRig tripod FreeBlazer 3989.


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SmallRig AD-100 3989 Makes Video Capture Faster | Best Tripod for Video

Solid & Lightweight Twill Carbon Fiber

The SmallRig tripod 3989 stands out with its remarkable carbon fiber legs that redefine the standards of lightweight and durability. 

Unlike most other carbon fiber tripods, whose legs are wrapped with carbon fiber sheets for aesthetic purposes, the SmallRig tripod 3989 takes it further. Its legs are constructed using lightweight and resilient 3K twill carbon fiber, ensuring superior strength lasting for ages. 

The innovative design of the tripod’s legs enhances its durability at a 10kg load capacity and significantly reduces its weight to an impressive 5kg. This remarkable weight reduction makes it a perfect companion for photographers on the go, as it allows them to carry it effortlessly anywhere without compromising on stability or quality. 

So whether you’re traversing challenging terrains or capturing breathtaking shots in the field, the SmallRig tripod 3989 carbon fiber sets a new standard for portability and reliability.


FreeSpeed One-step Height Adjustment

More focus and less distraction, is it possible? The SmallRig tripod 3989 introduces a game-changing, intuitive feature with its patented FreeSpeed technology, addressing the nuisance photographers usually have when adjusting tripod height. 

Typically, traditional tripods require the tedious process of manipulating 3 separate clasps on each leg, leading to frustration and time-consuming adjustments. 

However, the SmallRig tripod 3989 revolutionizes this experience. With the innovative FreeSpeed technology, users only need to switch a single clasp on each leg on and off. This feature, combined with the center slider, enables smooth and hassle-free adjustments. 

So gone are the days of wrestling with multiple clasps.

The SmallRig tripod 3989 also boasts an impressive height range of 94 to 197 cm (37 to 77.6 inches). This exceptional height versatility ensures photographers can quickly perform various shooting angles, from low-angle shots to towering overhead perspectives.


Fluid Head 360 & Smooth Tilt Control

The SmallRig tripod 3989 excels in its fluid head, providing videographers with seamless capturing capabilities. Its fluid head offers vertical rotation from +90 to -60 degrees and a full 360-degree horizontal rotation, allowing for effortless camera positioning. 

While fluid head tripods are popular, many products priced below $400 tend to disappoint with their plastic construction, cheap feel, and undesirable wobbliness during rotation. 

However, the SmallRig tripod 3989 sets itself apart. Its fluid head is constructed entirely of high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring robustness and exceptional stability during rotation. Also, the dual-knob control enhances the user experience, enabling smooth and precise adjustments without any concerns about unwanted movements. 

This reliable and stable rotation capability empowers users to achieve the highest quality images and unleash their creative potential. You can now focus on capturing the perfect shots without distractions, as seen with an inferior tripod head.


One-click & Snap-on Quick Switch

The SmallRig tripod has a highly versatile quick-release plate, offering videographers a coherent transition between shooting devices. 

With a simple click, the quick-switch capacity of the mounting plate allows for instant compatibility with Manfrotto and DJI RS plates. 

This feature proves invaluable to professional videographers who frequently switch between multiple cameras and equipment setups. The ability to effortlessly alternate between different devices saves time and ensures uninterrupted workflow and flexibility on set. 


Telescopic Handle & Expandability

Lastly, the SmallRig tripod 3989 incorporates 2 remarkable features that maximize its convenience and practicality for on-the-go videographers. 

Firstly, the retractable telescopic handle can come in handy when capturing dynamic footage that requires constant movement of the shooting device. 

It is compact, unlike fixed-length handles that can get in the way when unused. So extend it when you need it, giving yourself more control and maneuverability, and seamlessly retract it to save space and maintain free operation.

Secondly, the tripod’s ¼-inch threaded hole opens up a world of expandability by allowing users to attach various additional devices. This threaded hole is compatible with monitors, microphones, LED lights, and more, providing endless customization options. 

With the SmallRig tripod 3989, you can quickly upgrade your creative possibilities and adapt your setup to accommodate diverse shooting requirements.

Technical Specifications


$399 - Click here to buy

Key Features 

Carbon Fiber Leg Construction, Quick Height Adjustment, Fluid Head 360, One-click Quick Switch, Retractable Telescopic Handle, Interchangeable Wide and Spike Feet

Product Dimensions

990 x 165 x 165mm

Package Dimensions

175 x 175 x 1040mm

Product Weight

5kg (11lbs)

Package Weight 

6.3kg (13.8lbs)

Adjustable Height


Bowl Base Diameter


Tilt Range




Load Capacity


Handle Length 



Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Silicone

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