Speedkore's "Ghost": A Masterclass in Carbon Fiber with this 1970 Dodge Charger

Speedkore's "Ghost": A Masterclass in Carbon Fiber with this 1970 Dodge Charger

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Muscle cars are the definition of timeless cool, but Speedkore just cranked the dial to eleven with their latest build. This 1970 Dodge Charger, nicknamed "Ghost," is something else entirely. 

Unveiled at the 2024 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California, it's a carbon fiber masterpiece. We're not talking about a few accents here and there – this Charger is carbon fiber from the ground up, and it's changing the game for classic car restorations.

Carbon Fiber Everywhere

Think of carbon fiber like the superhero of car materials. Speedkore didn't just slap on some parts – they rebuilt this Charger's entire body with it. 

Here's the crazy part: they started with a real 1970 Charger and made molds to recreate every single piece in carbon fiber. It's like giving the car a whole new skeleton!

Why go to all that trouble?

Because carbon fiber has two superpowers: it's way lighter than steel, and it's incredibly strong. Ditching all that heavy metal makes the car insanely fast. Plus, it handles like a dream – imagine taking those sharp turns and feeling the car respond instantly.

The Ghost's Unique Look

The "Ghost" isn't just about performance, it's got style for days. Most of that carbon fiber body is left unpainted, so you can see its intricate weave pattern. It's a totally different look from classic shiny muscle cars, and the contrasting white paint makes it even more striking.

Beyond the Body

The "Ghost" might be a showstopper, but this carbon fiber makeover goes way below the surface. All that weight savings turns this Charger into a serious speed demon. And speaking of speed, let's talk about the beast lurking under the hood.

Engine Choices

Speedkore didn't hold back. They dropped a monstrous 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 into this ride, unleashing over 700 horsepower of pure muscle-car insanity! 

Imagine the feeling as that power surges to the rear wheels, channeled through a smooth six-speed manual transmission. You're in total control, shifting gears and unleashing that Hellcat roar. It's the ultimate driving experience for anyone who craves raw power.

But Speedkore didn't stop there. They fine-tuned the engine with a custom cold-air intake, forcing even more air in for an extra power boost. 

They also crafted a unique exhaust system, designed to let that Hellcat engine sing its glorious song. Every detail, from the intake to the tailpipes, is designed to maximize performance and get your adrenaline pumping. Even if you measure it with a very accurate ruler, you’ll see how detailed it gets.

Handling and Control

A car this fast needs to handle like a dream, and the "Ghost" delivers. The lighter carbon fiber body means lightning-fast reflexes. Imagine carving through corners with precision, feeling the car instantly respond to your every move. It's like the "Ghost" becomes an extension of yourself. No more sluggish feeling, just pure driving exhilaration.

Speedkore even redesigned the Charger's underpinnings. A high-tech chassis and precision suspension keep the car planted and responsive, giving you the confidence to push it to the limit. This isn't just a restored classic; it's a modern performance machine wrapped in a legendary muscle car body.

Speedkore's Expertise

Let's be real: carbon fiber isn't for beginners. It takes serious skill to mold those complex shapes, get a flawless finish, and make sure everything is strong enough to handle the power of a classic muscle car. Speedkore are true masters of their craft. They've got the experience and the know-how to turn crazy ideas into reality.


The "Ghost" isn't just a pretty face: it's pushing boundaries. Building a complete car body out of carbon fiber at this level is seriously impressive. Speedkore isn't afraid to experiment and try new things. They're showing the world what's possible when you combine old-school muscle with cutting-edge technology.

The Speedkore "Ghost" is a game-changer. It's proof that you can take a beloved classic car and make it lighter, faster, and more awesome than ever before. Could your own ride benefit from a carbon fiber makeover? Maybe a few custom pieces, or even a full-blown transformation? The possibilities are endless!

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