Check Out This Stunning Aston Martin Valkyrie Dressed in Carbon Fiber

Check Out This Stunning Aston Martin Valkyrie Dressed in Carbon Fiber

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Aston Martin - it’s the speedy, the mighty, the unsurpassable. 

This British company always produces out-of-this-world sports cars and supercars, making this world a better place to live. 

Gorgeous, tremendous, yet ridiculously outrageous - this is what I can say about the machines made by Aston Martin. 

And if you’re still thinking about the Aston Martin Valhalla, which is about to be released in 2024, remember that the British brand has another monster that has been around since last year - the Aston Martin Valkyrie

One of the very few Valkyrie units in the UK has recently been pumped up with a complete carbon fiber body kit. So what is special about this carbon fiber Aston Martin? 

This car will give you goosebumps. 


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Wildness Defined: This Carbon Fiber Aston Martin Valkyrie Will Give You Goosebumps

Aerodynamic Design With Dramatic Curves

Like any other aftermarket body kit seen on sports cars and supercars, this carbon fiber Aston Martin has a shape similar to that of the stock model. The silhouette remains relatively basic, if not minimalistic, without many non-performance parts.

Looking at the car from behind, you’ll still see a massive hollow compartment between the rear wheels and under the double exhaust pipes. This design is believed to enhance the aerodynamic capabilities of the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Yet, the arch-shaped hollow compartment at the rear isn’t the only aerodynamic feature of the car. On the sides of the Valkyrie, you can see a big gap between the door and the front fender. This design helps with steering when the car is cornering at high speeds.

And, if you think only cars made by Pagani have those extremely narrow cockpits with gull-wing doors, think again as you look at this carbon fiber Aston Martin. 

The front windshield and the roof are so narrow and curved that the driver probably won’t have a comfortable seat inside the cabin. But, for the sake of the car’s aerodynamic performance, Aston Martin must compromise this.


Carbon Fiber Body Allows Impressive Weight

How much carbon fiber does this Aston Martin Valkyrie have? A lot.

Carbon fiber is everywhere on the exterior and interior of the car. While the body kit has a glossy twill weave finish, the inside combines matte carbon and Alcantara fabric, another high-end material that can only be seen on a premium car. 

Aston Martin claims that the most advanced technologies are utilized in making the body kit. So, for example, the headlights and the side cameras (in replacement for the side mirrors) are made using 3D technology. And, of course, they’re carbon fiber.

The standard metal Aston Martin logo on the front bonnet is replaced with a new, thinner logo. Why? Miles Nurnberger - Design Director at Aston Martin - says that the stock logo, which is only 5 mm thick, is too heavy for aerodynamic quality. The new logo is only 40 μm (micron), which helps shed some of the weight from the car.

Overall, the carbon fiber body kit of the Aston Martin Valkyrie is so flimsy that it significantly cuts down the weight of the car from a stock curb weight of 1,335 kg (2,943 lbs) to only a bit more than 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs). How insanely lightweight it is!


V12 Hybrid Engine for Absolute Power 

The 6.5L V12 hybrid engine with 7-speed automatic transmission is the center of all the staring and jaw-dropping at this carbon fiber Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The truth is, for a commercial, street-legal car, the Valkyrie is the closest thing to a Formula 1 racing car. So you can take this car out for a ride around the town while rolling on a massive engine that produces a whopping 1,160 horsepower!

This massive power is from an internal, naturally aspirated combustion engine that gives 1,000 horsepower and an additional electric motor that adds another 160 to the output.

As a result, the Aston Martin Valkyrie can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within only 2.5 seconds and reach 250 mph (400 kph) of top speed.   

Indeed, Aston Martin claims the Valkyrie is less tuned toward a real-world driving experience and more geared toward the racetrack. Therefore, it lacks the central entertainment system standard in premium vehicles nowadays. Also, the car has no traditional side mirrors, and harnesses are used instead of seatbelts. 

And look at that steering wheel! It’s removable. What a piece of art!


Only 150 Units Sold at a Staggering Price

As a top-of-the-line supercar from Aston Martin, not everyone, even those willing to reach deep into their pocket, can have a chance to own the car.

Only 150 units of the standard Valkyrie, and even fewer for the carbon fiber models, are produced. Because every single detail of the car is unique and takes so much time to design and manufacture, the British company wants to limit their production to as little as possible to keep these cars even more worth the search. 

How much is the carbon fiber Aston Martin Valkyrie? 

If you want to own one of the standard Valkyrie, you’ll have to pay a massive $3,000,000. Remember, this price is only for the factory version. To own a lightened car with all-carbon bodywork, if it doesn’t look expensive enough, the cost can go up to $3,200,000.

Of course, we can’t blame Aston Martin for setting such an exorbitant price for its cars. It’s just that, for those crazy about carbon fiber, this Valkyrie will forever be a rare sight.


If you have questions about carbon fiber Aston Martin cars or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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