SAY 42 Carbon Fiber Boat Brings Lightweight Racing to the Ocean

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Cutting the waves and speeding to the ocean’s farthest reaches - the silhouette of such a speedboat has become an iconic figure in the minds of many ocean enthusiasts. Recently, the German watercraft manufacturer SAY has introduced its second generation of carbon fiber yacht called SAY 42, sparking the possibility of lightweight ocean racing.

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SAY 42: “A German Supercar on Water” to Dominate the Yachting Industry

SAY - the Pioneers of Luxurious Carbon Fiber Yachts

SAY is a German high-tech company that manufactures the most luxurious yachts on the water. As a newcomer, SAY has quickly reached beyond Europe to become a key international player in the motor boat industry. Standing behind every milestone of SAY is Karl Wagner, considered among the most experienced carbon fiber specialists in the Old Continent. This status is no exaggeration as Wagner’s previous company, Carbo Tech, is a leading producer of carbon-fiber-reinforced components for the automobile industry.

After years of working with many materials, Karl Wagner and his engineering team at SAY believe that carbon fiber is the future of the yacht industry. Like aviation, motorsports, and other top-notch applications, carbon fiber is making its way into the biggest and fastest yachts in the world. SAY’s superyachts, widely considered “supercars on water,” inherit the unique features of the premium composite material - lightweight, high strength and utility, and an impeccable sense of aesthetics. The SAY 42 has it all and is even slightly better than its predecessor - the SAY 29E. The genuine “supercar on water” is about to dominate the ocean and the yachting world.


Extravagant Design With State-of-the-art Technology

In general, yachts are extravagant seafaring playgrounds for the ultra-rich. However, for SAY, extravagance displayed in the current vessels has not reached its limit, and expensive can be more expensive. Indeed, the SAY 42 is for those who love and appreciate the extravagant. This one-of-a-kind motor boat has an iconic, modern design with top-tier materials and an aggressive colorway. That said, the yacht remains elegant thanks to its flawlessly graceful shape. Having enough space at 12.96x3.99m for up to 12 passengers in a fully-functioning cabin, the SAY 42 is ideal for a thriftless day on the water. 

In addition to a beautiful design, the latest masterpiece from SAY also boasts the most advanced technology available today. A digital cockpit and a gyroscopic stabilizer are some high-tech features that (a lot of) money can buy. When driving a massive watercraft, you will want everything to be under control. Therefore, the analog gauges are insufficient for the helmsman to manipulate the vehicle. With a fully digital dashboard, the driver can easily understand and control their boat, allowing for maximum party time and infinitely less worrying. 


Ultra-low-emission V8 Engines for High Performance

Do not let the extravagant yet elegant, pleasingly appealing appearance of the yacht distract you from the fact that this “monster” has a colossal V8 engine that produces up to 860 horsepowers. At a massive weight of 4.5 t​on​, this speedy boat can cut through the waves smoothly at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers. Still, being high-performance does not mean the carbon fiber boat is a “foe” to the environment. The SAY 42 consumes only half the fuel compared to its other counterparts. Among the most powerful vessels, the SAY 42 stands out as an eco-focused yacht with little environmental impact.

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Carbon Fiber Construction Makes Everything Possible

To achieve all the features mentioned above, the SAY 42 largely relies on the omnipresent use of carbon fiber in many parts of the yacht. From the 100-percent carbon fiber hull to even the seats, everything is on another level compared to other conventional vessels. In addition, the company claims that each of its products is a carbon fiber masterpiece designed to the customer’s specifications, meaning that each boat is made individually to order. This make-to-order manufacturing process allows deep customization for the most bespoke works of artisanship. As the company’s motto goes: “YOUR VISION. YOUR SAY!”

Looking to the future, the ubiquitous presence of carbon fiber on boats may open the door to lightweight racing on the water. We all know how lightweight yet resilient carbon fiber can be, and any motorboat equipped with this material is no doubt one step ahead of others in any race. That said, SAY plans to increase the size of its carbon fiber yachts collection over time. In a few years to come, the German company may make up to 72-meter long yachts to satisfy the needs of those looking for that “floating mansion” in the sea. 

So, buckle up and stay tuned. Those huge houseboats made of carbon fiber are about to make their way to the largest bodies of water.


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