Lightleaf Develops New Carbon Fiber Solar Panel for Boats

Lightleaf Develops New Carbon Fiber Solar Panel for Boats

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Solar energy has long been used in various applications due to its superior advantages in reusing power. 

However, solar panels could’ve been much more popular if they were more user-friendly and versatile for casual and everyday use.

Understanding that most solar panels remain too bulky to carry around, Lightleaf Solar - a Canadian manufacturer specializing in innovative solar energy - has launched a new 110W carbon fiber solar panel that is efficient and lightweight. 


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Lightleaf Powers Vehicles With New Carbon Fiber Solar Panel

Portable Design

Regular Solar Panels: Too Bulky

For most regular solar panels installed on the roof of a house or a pickup truck, the design is a combination of solar cells built on the foundation of a glass panel. This design works just fine and has sufficient durability. 

However, thick and sizable solar panels with a glass foundation are too heavy to allow for portability, making them a “set it and forget it” device. 

So if you spend a good amount of money on a solar panel and want to make the most of it as much as possible, a regular one won’t be enough. It would be best if you had something lighter than a 40-lbs panel and more versatile to carry it around.


SeaLeaf by Lightleaf Solar: The Solution

The SeaLeaf by Lightleaf Solar is one of the latest products by the Canadian company. This lightweight carbon fiber solar panel is designed to be portable, fitting on almost any vehicle, especially power boats with limited space. 

When you set off to sail on the sea, having a boat with optimal weight, functionality, and look is vital. You don’t want to overload your boat with multiple solar panels weighing up to 40 lbs each. Moreover, when the journey ends, you want to repurpose the panels somewhere else, typically in your car or house.  

A solar panel that weighs 5 lbs and is 9 mm thin can do just about anything you want.

The SeaLeaf carbon fiber solar panel is compact, lightweight, yet incredibly solid. At 1,073 mm x 575 mm x 9 mm (42.2 x 22.5 x 3/8 inches), it can be attached to various positions on any vehicle, including railings and arches, without props or strings. 

The proprietary quick-release locking mechanism is the only hardware that attaches the solar panel to wherever you want. Also, this lock provides instant and easy adjustability, requiring less than 10 minutes for a complete setup.

And here it goes! Locked and loaded and ready for the voyage.


Excellent Durability 

The SeaLeaf consists of a carbon fiber foundation, meaning the solar cells - the components that convert solar energy into electricity - are built on a carbon fiber board.

Carbon fiber is a premium material that is increasingly becoming popular for everyday use, including accessories and equipment for heavy-duty vehicles.

Carbon fiber is lightweight yet robust, making it ideal for applications that require resilience and durability. Moreover, carbon fiber is less prone to abrasion, allowing it to last long in the sea when set up on a boat or yacht.

At a weight of only 5 lbs, the carbon fiber solar panel can withstand a direct pressure of over 70 lbs, giving you peace of mind when the voyage becomes bumpy.

Further, rounded and rubberized caps, similar to the protective tips of a picture frame, protect the 4 edges of the panel. So rock one of these solar panels on your boat, and you’ll never have to worry about whether it might break.


Maximal Efficiency 

Efficiency is the most critical aspect of any solar panel design. The SeaLeaf has an efficiency rate of 24.5% using the SunPower Maxeon cells and 14 AWG marine-grade cables, allowing it to generate an output of 110W. 

Also, the panel has an open circuit voltage of 22.9V and a short current of 6.35A. 

Of course, you can get other solar panels with a more powerful output. However, for a compact and lightweight device, 110W is justifiable, especially when the 24.5% efficiency rate is one of the best rates you can get in the solar panel market.

Furthermore, thanks to its excellent adjustability, you can angle the panel to your liking (180° rotation is possible) to get as much sunlight as possible. And did I mention that the SeaLeaf carbon fiber solar panel has a curved shape? This design means it can catch the sun more efficiently than a flat panel of the same size.

As a result, you can get 2x the energy per day compared to fixed or flat panels.


Technical Specifications



Nominal Max Power (Pmax)


Optimal Operation Voltage (Vmp)


Optimal Operation Current (Imp)


Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short Circuit Current (Isc)


Cell Type

SunPower Maxeon 24.5% Efficiency

Cell Arrangement 

32 (4x8)


1,073 mm x 575 mm x 9 mm (42.2 x 22.5 x 3/8 inches)


2.5 kg (5.4 lbs)


3m circular tinned marine-grade 14 AWG


316 stainless steel

If you have questions about carbon fiber solar panels or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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