New Ferrari F8 Tributo by Zacoe Gets More Carbon Fiber Upgrade

New Ferrari F8 Tributo by Zacoe Gets More Carbon Fiber Upgrade

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Sports cars are meant to conquer the road. Reaching 300+ kph and overtaking any vehicle gives car owners a sense of accomplishment. Yet, your machine has to be personalized to make the driving experience distinctive. As a result, some car tuners, like Zacoe, enter the game to diversify the car industry while allowing petrolheads to own improved vehicles.

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Zacoe: a Tuner That Redefines Supercars

Zacoe is an automobile modification firm that produces carbon fiber aero kits that blend aesthetics with utility. Its mission is to pursue a complete redefinition of the car world via the use of peak technology, unparalleled quality, and attention to detail. To achieve such a challenging quest, the company consists of a group of renowned designers who can reinvent supercars by creating and integrating innovative and fully functional car parts.

One of the latest Zacoe’s products, the Ferrari F8 Tributo Performance Package, is promising enough to satisfy even the most demanding car owner. Why? The performance upgrade for the custom Ferrari F8 retains most of the factory version’s features while adding some carbon fiber parts that not only look eye-catching but also enhance how the vehicle operates. So, let’s delve into it and see how Zacoe has reforged the Italian supercar. 


Carbon Fiber Chin Spoiler and Front Bumper

You don’t have to be a motorhead with a very keen sight to spot the subtle differences on the modified F8 Tributo by Zacoe. While the base F8 model boasts an all-red colorway, which is the signature hue of Ferrari, the upgraded version features multiple silver bits and pieces made from carbon fiber that can draw the attention of anyone at first glance.

Looking at the car from the front, the tuned Tributo stands out with a reshaped carbon fiber chin spoiler and front bumper. By reshaped, I mean the head of the car looks way more aggressive and intimidating with the protruding spoiler-bumper combo. These modifications will not only enhance the aesthetics of the Ferrari F8 but also significantly elevate the vehicle’s aerodynamics since chin spoilers and front bumpers help control airflow and reduce drag while producing stability at higher speeds.

And, did I mention the U-shape carbon fiber cover on the bonnet’s air vent? Believe it or not, this feature is the focal point of the overall design. Car owners want their auto to stand out on the street, and such a noticeable air vent cover is there to steal the spotlight. So, wherever you drive your F8, people will recognize that Zacoe tunes yours.


Carbon Fiber Spoiler Wing and Rear Diffuser

The back of the modified Ferrari F8 is just as good as the front, with multiple functional add-ons. At first sight, it’s not difficult to notice that Zacoe has attached a separate spoiler wing at the car’s rear to make it look more like a genuine racing car and enhance its aerodynamics. This spoiler wing, entirely made of carbon fiber, is so lightweight and is forged in such a good shape that it adds nearly no extra load to the car’s mass while increasing the downward force, increasing both traction and braking ability.

On the other hand, although the rear diffuser looks similar to the stock one, it is slightly different with extra flaps, of course, made of “featherlight” carbon fiber. Like any other aero component, a lighter rear diffuser plays a significant role in increasing the vehicle’s downward force, the car’s grip on the road surface, and reducing the air drag.


Carbon Fiber Wheels With Huge Brake Calipers

The final attention-grabbing detail of the tuned Ferrari F8 is the carbon fiber wheelset with massive, yellow brake calipers. But first, let’s take a few seconds to admire the all-black, 5-spoke, and all-in-carbon-fiber rims. Contrary to the silver, aluminum rims in the base model, the black, glossy outer edges of the wheels in the new Ferrari F8 appear to be sportier, stronger, and lighter. The new rims are wholly made of carbon fiber, allowing significant weight reduction compared to the factory version.

What about the massive brake calipers? While it is a no-brainer that the sizable, luminous calipers surely catch everyone’s attention, they provide enhanced safety and performance since the bigger the brake calipers, the more efficiently they reduce the car’s speed when braking. Given that, the added components to the braking system can be another “showpiece” that gives the car owner a good reason to brag on the street.

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No Power Upgrades by Zacoe

There is no modification for the new Ferrari F8 Tributo engine, meaning the vehicle’s core is untouched. By all means, Zacoe can improve the car in every aspect, both in terms of look and performance. Yet, the firm believes that the factory version has already reached a level of power that would make any rival vehicle stand in awe of it:

  • Twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8
  • 710 Hp
  • 770 Nm of torque
  • 0-100 kph (0-62mph): 2.9 seconds
  • Max speed: 340 kph (211 mph)


Despite numerous car tuners in the market, Zacoe has successfully made car components that give off both the aesthetic sense and complete practicality. So check out the Ferrari F8 Tributo Performance Package in their stock now to see if it can live up to all the hype.

If you have questions about the Ferrari F8 Tributo or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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