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G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 Carbon Fiber Watch Review

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Since the beginning of aviation, pilots have sought to defy gravity to fly across the sky. Like the aircraft that must be reliable and powerful, the pilots’ watch must be tough for any heavy-duty mission. The Japanese electronics manufacturer Casio has recently released an aviation-inspired high-performance watch in the G-SHOCK series - The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 Carbon Fiber Watch.

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Inspired by Fighter Jets - The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 

Rugged and durable with flawless performance and absolute toughness are what the manufacturer claims about this new Casio Gravitymaster. It provides features that genuine pilots will embrace and appreciate. Let’s review the fantastic features of this high-performance watch inspired by fighter jets.


Features-body | G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 Carbon Fiber Watch Review

The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 can withstand extreme gravity forces and environmental damage thanks to its unique qualities. It comes with tons of highlights, such as the asymmetric bezel inspired by a fighter jet, the Carbon Core Guard Structure, mobile connection, and the Quad Sensor technology.


The Asymmetric Bezel Design

The new muscular look of the watch is inspired by the fighter jet. The three buttons on the right side of the bezel are positioned to imitate the control stick of a fighter jet. This arrangement of the buttons also helps the watch to be more user-friendly. Despite having a bulky design, the watch is surprisingly light, weighing just 80 grams.

The bezel is solidly built with three resin layers with carbon fiber inlays. It is coated with a semi-transparent layer that reveals the carbon weave beneath. Carbon fiber is undoubtedly the most durable yet lightweight material that can be present in a high-performance watch.


The Carbon Core Guard Structure

The Carbon Core Guard Structure of The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 is made of genuine carbon fiber. It is the feature that provides the watch with ultimate durability. As a part of the Carbon Core Guard Structure, the strengthened bezel protects the watch with its high-strength, weather-resistant capabilities. Combined with the world-renowned shock resistance capacity from the G-SHOCK series, the Carbon Core Guard Structure is of absolute toughness.


The G-SHOCK Mobile Connection

Although The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 is not equipped with the brand’s Tough Solar charging feature, it should not be a problem since this model is very energy efficient. What’s more, the unique G-SHOCK mobile app for both iOS and Android phones allows you to connect the watch to your phone via Bluetooth. The app will enable you to extend the watch’s capabilities even further, such as phone finder and automatic time adjustment.


The Quad Sensor Technology

The Quad Sensor technology is one last feature worth highlighting. It uses small sensors that allow a digital compass, barometer, and thermometer to fit into a watch. This technology gives pilots crucial information about the environment to perform their duties.


Still not convinced that the watch can be both attractive and functional? The specs list all of the other features of The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200. Genuine pilots and “hardcore” users will appreciate the following features:

  • Mineral glass
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • 200-meter water resistance
  • Double LED light
  • Digital compass
  • Barometer and altimeter 
  • Thermometer
  • Power saving mode
  • World time
  • Full-auto calendar 
  • Size of case: 63 mm x 54.1 mm x 18.3 mm
  • Total weight: 80g (2.83 ounces)


There are many more impressive specifications to be explored. If you are the type of user who pulls the trigger on a purchase because of its specs, make sure that you don’t miss any of them by finding out more here.



A product can never be a decent buy until customers who have had firsthand experience with it take the time to write reviews about it. At Carbon Fiber Gear, we are privileged to have faithful customers who buy, use, and enjoy the product to the fullest.

According to the reviews, the watch looks great out of the box. The dial is easy to read and fits every wrist size. It is to say the watch is sturdy as only a G-SHOCK can be yet surprisingly comfortable on the wrist. Users have also confirmed the barometer (for measuring atmospheric pressure) and altimeter (for estimating altitude) to be highly accurate.

Even in the case of a customer who already has 17 watches, he chooses to purchase The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 and could not be happier. So, if you’re thinking about buying this watch, click the “Add to Cart” button and place your order. The moment you put it on your wrist, your buyer’s remorse will disappear.

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Authorized Reseller

Carbon Fiber Gear is a Casio G-SHOCK authorized reseller. Our responsibility is to ensure that you purchase authentic products covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We offer The GRB200 series Gravitymaster in three color options, including black, red, and blue (limited edition), to satisfy a wide range of users who may like distinct colorways in the design. Visit our store and take a look at The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GRB200 Carbon Fiber Watch now!

The watch will be a great bargain at $350, considering the tremendous value that it offers to the user. This carbon fiber watch is built to last a lifetime and is worth every penny.

If you have questions about The G-SHOCK Gravitymaster or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 


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