Look Out Amex, Here Comes The Visa Black Card…Now With Carbon Fiber

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We received word of a new kid on the block from Visa, and that is their new black card, made out carbon fiber.  The card is available from Barclay's Bank, and is only available to 1% of U.S. residents.

Visa black card

While you'd think this is a direct competitor of American Express's  Centurion Black card ($3,000/year fee and must spend over $250,000/year), it's actually in more of a competition with Amex's Platinum card.  The new Visa Black Card has an annual fee of $495, includes the following privileges/benefits:

  • 24-hour concierge service
  • Exclusive rewards program
  • "Luxury gifts" - Not sure what this means, but sounds good :)  It says that members will receive luxury gifts from some of the world's top brands.
  • Travel lounge priority pass - Gives you access to more than 500 airport lounges
  • Rewards program that provides 1% cash back or points
  • The card is made of carbon fiber (they call it carbon graphite)
  • Limited membership

Right now Visa is offering 0% interest on balance transfer for 6 months. The-BlackCard.com has got some unboxing pictures of the card in person, as well as some comparisons to the Centurion

Visa black card vs. American Express Centurion card

The card in the pictures seems a lot different than the promo picture that Visa is using.  It seems like you can't really see a carbon fiber pattern.  The-BlackCard.com mentioned that it feels and bends more like plastic. Here's a commercial for the card from Visa: