7 Design House Reveals Maserati MC20 ARIA Fitted With Carbon Fiber

7 Design House Reveals Maserati MC20 ARIA Fitted With Carbon Fiber

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In December 2022, 7 Design House, a car modification firm that creates breathtaking body kits without compromising the true root of the vehicle, debuted its very first model for the MC20 Maserati carbon fiber using leading technology.

The brand claimed that this body kit, called ARIA Carbon, is a product of the relentless pursuit of perfection, not only recapturing the origin of the Italian car but also delivering an astronomically high performance that nobody has ever seen before.


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The First of Its Kind - MC20 Maserati Carbon Fiber Can Pierce Through Time and Space

3D Technology for Seamless Integrity

When modifying a car through a body kit, most tuners will have to deconstruct it and replace the original parts with new ones. This technique has nothing wrong, as it’s straightforward, cost-efficient, and generally effective.

However, the traditional way is suboptimal for some car owners, especially those driving luxuries like a Maserati. They want their car “untouched.” The new technology by 7 Design House, called 3D OEM+ Integration, is here to solve this problem.

This technology requires zero cutting, drilling, or paintwork, ensuring the transformation from the stock MC20 to the ARIA is as seamless as possible. Yes, you heard it right; there are ZERO paintworks to create that colored twill carbon pattern.

Instead, 7 Design House installs each component of the body kit on the existing body structure using 3D mounting points. In other words, no disassembly is required during installation, and the parts go directly on the original body panel.

There is a significant benefit from using this technique on the Maserati carbon fiber, apart from pleasing the most demanding car owners. The firm claims that an error-free manufacturing process with tolerances of only 1mm results in the perfect fitting.


Prepreg Carbon for Weight Reduction

For 7 Design House, the Maserati MC20 shouldn’t only be a supercar. Instead, they want it to look and perform like a track car. Therefore, a bulky 1,500 kg curb weight, 325 kph of top speed, and 2.9 seconds of 0-to-100-kph acceleration are not enough.

To achieve perfection, 7 Design House chooses aerospace-grade prepreg carbon fiber, the best in composite materials, to make the body kit’s components. 

If all seven new parts, including a front splitter, canards, vent inserts, side skirts, an aero roof, a rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser, are installed, the Maserati carbon fiber can save an impressive 5.5 kg (12.5 lbs) of curb weight. 

Of course, the lighter it is, the faster it rolls!


Enhanced Aerodynamic Efficiency

“Piercing through time and space.” 

That’s the nickname 7 Design House gives their ARIA. They have a clue, as the new Maserati carbon fiber drives sharper due to optimized downforce and minimized drag, resulting in a +123% increase in aero efficiency.

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Technology, the ARIA Carbon increases 199 lbs of downforce at 100 mph, 509 lbs at 160 mph, and 795 lbs at 200 mph. As a result, the car can split air into two streams, reducing lift on the rear for better stability at high speed.

Now the ARIA Carbon is lighter and more aerodynamically efficient than the original MC20. Although the new performance data is not yet available, there is no doubt that it is much better than the original 325 kph of top speed and 2.9 seconds of acceleration.


Exhaust System for More Horsepower

A modified car version is only complete with a retouch on the exhaust system. 

The ARIA Carbon is no exception. Although it belongs to the project’s second stage, the new Maserati carbon fiber is up for an optional exhaust kit that adds 20 horsepower while saving another 6.8 kg (15 lbs) to the overall car weight.

There isn’t any clue about how the new exhaust system may look or work, but many would expect this new design to be more aggressive and ear-splitting. Also, as the new kit will save more weight, it will likely be made of complete carbon fiber.


Stay True to DNA - Limited to 25 Units

Peter Eskander, CEO and founder of 7 Design House, claims that when designing the ARIA Carbon, he aims to inject a “racetrack dose” into the car. But improving performance and aesthetics doesn’t mean deviating from the original design DNA. 

Instead, the Maserati carbon fiber is only for those who understand how a track racing car works - a masterpiece in the speed world but is limited to whoever dares to take the wheel. So it’s sad but true as 7 Design House announced that only 25 units are available.

At $10,000, the ARIA Carbon body kit is not an easy buy for every car owner. Not only that, 7 Design House doesn’t sell its product to whoever is willing to pay the price. Instead, you have to place your order early, which is only accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Submit your order and win a chance to get a hold of a carbon fiber body kit that is the first of its kind. Do you dare to be one of the 25? Let it pierce through time and space!


*This article is not affiliated with 7 Design House.


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