This Drool-worthy Porsche 935 Carbon Does Not Look Street-legal

This Drool-worthy Porsche 935 Carbon Does Not Look Street-legal

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Porsche has long had a decorated history of producing gorgeous racing cars to roll on the track. From the 718 Cayman to the 911 GT3R, this German conglomerate never fails to surprise the gearheads with their machines.

Recently, Porsche has remastered a notorious racing model that used to be an atrocious icon in the 1980s - the 935 Moby Dick. Unfortunately, only 77 were made to pay tribute to the Le Mans contender, and only 7 are carbon fiber.

What is unique about the Porsche 935 carbon? Are they street-legal? You’ll wish you could ever drive one of these beasts. 


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This Fully Upgraded Porsche 935 Carbon is Insane

Fully Exposed Carbon Fiber Body 

The remastered Porsche 935 is already unmistakable with its Martini agate gray bodywork. Regardless, for a racing car meant to live its life on the track, being recognizable with a light colorway has become conventional.

However, for the Porsche 935 carbon, such an ostentatious look is traded off for a fully exposed, all-black composite body panel that brings the car weight down to an insane lightness. You heard it right; the car weighs only 1,380 kg, 90 kg less than the non-carbon version. Also, the twill weave pattern looks so rugged that it feels like you can touch the fibers floating on the body panel surface.

For a speed car, being lighter means being better in all aspects. The Porsche 935 full carbon can accelerate faster (0 - 60 mph in 4.7s), reach a higher top velocity (227 mph), and, of course, corner at higher speeds more efficiently before its burdenless braking system works monstrously. Whatever the driving situation on the track, the 935 nails it.

Did we mention the massive rear wing spoiler and the aerodynamic/cooling air vents everywhere around the car? Looking at the vehicle from the back, you’ll be shocked by the integrated carbon spoiler with a taillight system. In addition, the air vents on the bonnet and the side skirts ensure the air flows aerodynamically. 


Single-seater Racing Style Interior 

Like the base version, the Porsche 935 carbon keeps a bare-bone, single-seater interior that showcases this is a genuine track-born car to everyone. Nonetheless, unlike no other motorsports machines, this modified Porsche boasts a carbon dashboard system and a steering wheel made of carbon fiber. How cool is that!

Safety and practicality are the two primary elements of a race car’s interior that receive the most priority. Yet, putting too much effort into safety and practicality means not having the best look and feel. The twill weave carbon, similar to that on the exterior, allows the driver to get the hyped vibe from the moment he gets into the cockpit.  


Racing-oriented Twin-turbo Engine

The Porsche 935 carbon is equipped with one of the most powerful engines in the racing world, ensuring every ride becomes a lethal overdose of adrenaline. Buckle up! This monster carries a 3.8-liter, 6-cylinder, twin-turbo engine that produces up to 845 horsepower. Not only that, the 7-speed gearbox with rigid suspension and the 4-valve technology allows this machine to accelerate and reach its top velocity in no time.

What about those massive Michelin Pilot Super Sport racing tires that go with the matte black 5-spoke rims? These tires produce more grip on the track and are stiff enough to resist the wear and tear of high-speed racing. Still, superb durability doesn’t mean the tires are cumbersome. Instead, compared to standard tires, these Michelin tires are thinner, increasing the grip and reducing the load.


Comfort, Safety, and Practicality

So how does driving inside the Porsche 935 carbon feel? Unfortunately, only a few people can grab the wheel of this beast and hit the road with it. On the one hand, this car is barely street-legal and has covered only 30 miles. On the other hand, the car’s owner considers it a track-only showpiece and keeps it cold like a museum exhibit. Either way, we hope it ends up with someone who can rock it out on the streets.

Nevertheless, the tuned-up Porsche should be one of the most comfortable and practical race cars anyone, even the non-pro, can drive. Regular track cars usually have an incredibly stiff chassis due to the metal protective framework that wraps around the cockpit. As a result, operating inside a race car feels shaking and exhausting, as the safety frame doesn’t absorb the force from the suspension and instead transfers it to the driver.

But this new Porsche 935 is built differently. Carbon fiber is a rare material that performs exceptionally well in shock absorption while maintaining good rigidity. Unlike metals, carbon is inherently stiff but has a good elasticity level. And, because carbon is superior to metal in tensile and compressive strength, it doesn’t bend or deform. So, driving a car with a carbon body panel means being protected from all impact sources.


Final Verdict

It’s a shame that the Porsche 935 carbon is barely street-legal and is limited to only 77 units. For this reason, we don’t have many chances to behold this monster by eye and ear. Also, given that the price of the original 935 is already astronomically high at $817,000, it’s very likely that the carbon version will have a price tag of over 1 million. 

Shall we see more of these cars on the roads in the future? While no one can tell, hopefully, that will be the case, and we’ll be able to give all of our senses to the car, dropping jaws and feeling amazed. So may the legendary Moby Dick be revived in carbon fiber.


If you have questions about the Porsche 935 carbon or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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