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Porsche Taycan Looks More Stunning With Carbon Fiber Aero Kit From Vivid Racing

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Porsche Taycan is naturally sporty-looking, but the aftermarket world would argue that a four-wheel can always look better. Check out this version of Porsche Taycan with a stunning carbon fiber aero kit from Vivid Racing.

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In this article:

  1. How Everything Started
  2. An Aero Kit That Blew Away Others
  3. Additional Package Details 


Porsche Taycan - Heaps of Style With Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

How Everything Started

The R&D process began in early 2020 with a demo car from Chandler Porsche in Arizona. Vivid Racing used 3D scanning to analyze all the OEM body panels of the Porsche Taycan Turbo demo. 

Following was a series of realistic sketches to identify which look suits the electric sedan best. The final design was done with the help of Solidworks. 

After testing out the 3D-printed parts, Vivid Racing then teamed up with a carbon fiber manufacturer in their quest to build “one of the best aero kits available” for the Porsche Taycan. 

When the samples arrived, the team installed them on their Porsche Taycan. The installation consisted of 3M double-sided tape using OEM fitting holes and additional self-tapping screws through the underside of the front bumper and side skirts. As expected, all parts lined up perfectly.

An Aero Kit That Blew Away Others

The typical impression of styling packages is that they often trade off the original look with unnecessary and complicated design elements. With Vivid Racing, less is more. They beefed up the Porsche Taycan with a good touch of carbon fiber in the aero kit. The kit consists of:

  • A front lip 
  • Side skirts 
  • A rear diffuser 
  • A rear wing

All of these give the fully electric German sedan an even more aggressive and slick look. The carbon fiber is done as a wet lay-up process using a standard 2×2 carbon twill weave. Each piece features a high-quality glossy clear finish to protect it from UV rays. 

Did you know? The aero kit is a set of aesthetic enhancements used to amplify the aerodynamic appearance of vehicles, typically racing cars.  

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Additional Package Details 

Aside from the aero kit, Vivid Racing also fitted the Turbo with: 

  • Pirelli Tires
  • VR Forged wheels
  • Custom VR Steering Wheel
  • VR Aero Chrome Delete Kit
  • VR Performance lowering links

A touch of carbon fiber can add heaps of style to a car, and Vivid Racing surely knew how to play. The cool part is, you can either buy the whole kit or individual pieces. However, there’s a high chance you received a discount when purchasing the entire package. 

Does this carbon fiber enhancement do as much justice to the Porsche Taycan as it’s supposed to? Comment your thoughts below! Interested in other carbon fiber products? Visit our store to have a look at our featured collections!