In-depth Review of Schuberth Carbon Modular Motorcycle Helmet

In-depth Review of Schuberth Carbon Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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Schuberth has recently introduced the C5 carbon fiber helmet as a successor to the resoundingly triumphant C4 Pro with additional advanced features.

Described as an example of “endless evolution” that paves the way for a new era of carbon fiber helmets, Schuberth C5 is about to become the ultimate headgear promising to give riders safer yet more audacious journeys.


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Schuberth C5: Endless Evolution - A New Era of Carbon Fiber Helmet

Lighter Carbon Fiber Shell Design

Similar to the Schuberth C4 Pro, the outer shell of the new C5 generation is made of DFP (Direct Fiber Process) fiberglass reinforced with carbon fiber for extra strength, shock absorption, and incredibly lightweight.  

Fiberglass and carbon are a perfect combo due to their superior strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for a more robust helmet that feels feather-light. As a result, riders can maintain their head balance and avoid fatigue during a long journey.

You won’t find any twill weave pattern on the surface of the Schuberth C5, as the carbon fiber layer is laid underneath the upper composite finish. However, compared with the non-carbon C4 version, you’ll notice that the C5 is slightly lighter.


Unparalleled Noise Canceling  

When it comes to a long ride, you’d want to have that soothing feel inside the helmet that doesn’t strain your ears. Schuberth motorcycle helmets are renowned for their top-of-the-line aeroacoustic performance, allowing for the quietest rides with minimal wind noise. 

This feature is achieved thanks to an optimized wind tunnel around the helmet combined with a new neckroll that seals off the helmet’s bottom. Therefore, wind noise is less likely to penetrate the gaps, allowing the C5 to achieve an incredible 85 dB at 100 kph.


Optimum Internal Ventilation

Schuberth claims that increased internal ventilation is a “game-changing” feature of the C5. Because the Schuberth C5 is a modular helmet, it can flip up its chin guard for maximal ventilation in extreme conditions. 

Also, the C5 has a dual chin air intake with an exchangeable filter, which wasn’t available in the previous generation. The new Schuberth also has a top vent that circulates the air intake around and out from the exhaust vent at the back.

Improved internal ventilation in the C5 helps achieve the optimum head thermoregulation, which has long been missing among touring helmets. Surprisingly, all these features are activated only with a button press, offering easy adjustment.


Seamless Padding Customization

Typically, a comfortable motorcycle helmet comes with a lack of fit and a bigger size than the actual head size of the rider. In contrast, if you want a helmet that fits perfectly around your head’s shape, the lining might be too tight, which causes discomfort.

For Schuberth, compromising between comfort and fitting isn’t an option. So instead, starting from the C5 generation, the brand launches the “Individual Program” to ensure maximum comfort for every rider. 

This unique program, which has never existed before, allows for deep customization of the lining with various thickness options for side, back, and cheek pads. However, please note that customization is only available for sizes M/L/XL.


Advanced MESH 2.0 Intercom System

So you want to be in contact with other fellow riders while on the ride? The C5 makes communication at high speed look easy. Why so? The MESH 2.0 intercom system is the most innovative feature of the new Schuberth motorcycle helmet.

Indeed, this technology has set a new standard for motorcycle communication. It’s easy to set up, configure, and use within <1 minute. Therefore, you can connect with an intercom conference of up to 24 riders for 8 hours with 48 hours of standby time.

Out of battery on the way? The total charging time of the intercom system only requires 2 hours, ensuring that you’ll never miss a thing from your fellow riders.

Technical Specifications:

Recommended Retail Price

€669 (solid color) & €769 (graphics)

Colors and Graphics

6 solid colors and 3 graphics in 10 color combinations

Helmet Sizes

Outer shell: XS (53) - S (55) - M (57) - L (59)

Inner shell: XL (61) - XXL (63) - XXXL (65)


1660g (L) & 1810g (XL)

Outer Shell

DFP (Direct Fiber Process) fiberglass reinforced with carbon fiber

Inner Shell

New EPS material for improved shock absorption and increased head comfort

Seamless lining customization 


AROS (Anti Roll Off System) for improved comfort in the throat area 

Dual chin air intake for improved ventilation and thermoregulation

New Memory Function and City Position visor mechanism for enhanced vision

Patented aeroacoustic performance for unparalleled noise canceling

Advanced intercom system featuring MESH 2.0 technology 

Intercom System

Talk time: 8 hours (MESH)/12 hours (Bluetooth)

Charging time: 2 hours

Working distance: 2 km in open terrain

Intercom conference: 4 riders

Standby: 2 days

If you have questions about Schuberth motorcycle helmets or any details discussed here, contact us and learn more. 

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