ADRO Reveals Carbon Fiber Body Kit for Tesla Model Y and Model 3

ADRO Reveals Carbon Fiber Body Kit for Tesla Model Y and Model 3

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Do you own a Tesla Model Y or Model 3 and are looking for that aftermarket package to enhance your car’s performance? In that case, get a sight of and appreciate the latest aerodynamic Tesla body kits by ADRO. Then, read on to find out if the new additional parts will take your Tesla cars to the next level.

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Tesla Car Owners to Benefit From Carbon Fiber Body Kits

ADRO: A Multinational Body Kit Manufacturer

Standing for Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization, ADRO is a multinational manufacturer specializing in high-quality aerodynamic body kits. Established in 2020, ADRO is expanding rapidly to make its products more widespread in the car enthusiast community. Designed in California and made in South Korea, every single item by ADRO nurtures the passion for racing by aiming to enhance the aesthetics and efficiency of cars. 

From Asian brands like Kia or Hyundai to European conglomerates like BMW, ADRO has shown that they can make carbon fiber parts for any car regardless of origin. Recently, ADRO has decided to leave its marks in conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines and in electric ones. As a result, Tesla becomes the next target for this car modification company to make aerodynamic body kits.


Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Body Kit

The ultra-premium carbon fiber full body kit for the Tesla Model Y from ADRO includes a carbon fiber front lip, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a rear spoiler. This premium body kit is made from 100 percent genuine dry carbon fiber, resulting in an ultra-lightweight profile with maximum durability and quality. Moreover, compared to a factory car, a Tesla Model Y fitted in the ADRO body kit reduces air drag by 4.4 percent while increasing downforce. These figures mean that ADRO’s carbon fiber body kit increases the Model Y’s aerodynamic efficiency, enhancing the overall range and performance.

Some people might think that the entire premise of the ADRO Tesla body kit is solely a style point. However, suppose you consider that Tesla Model Y is an electric vehicle. In that case, you may change your mind since optimizing power consumption is a priority. Every mile an electric car can reach matters, and a modest increase in aerodynamics can make a big difference. This subtle enhancement in range and performance may decide whether you reach your destination or not and whether you are in time for your important meeting. That said, the ADRO Tesla body kit gives excellent aesthetic pleasure due to its futuristic design.


Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Body Kit

The carbon fiber body kit for the Tesla Model 3 has all the aerodynamic features that the Model Y has: a reduction in vehicle drag and an increase in downforce. This consistency in how ADRO enhances Tesla automobiles stems from their focus on developing a unique vehicle design that reflects the car’s identity while also increasing efficiency. Because performance is vital to electric vehicle customers, both models use light, durable, and exquisite carbon fiber to boost aero advantages.

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Differences Between the Model Y and 3 Body Kits

Due to the modest differences in base design between the Model Y and the Model 3, ADRO created slightly different body kits. If you look closely at both kits, you will notice that the Model Y back spoiler has a dropped center section. In contrast, the Model 3 has a curved front splitter and F1-style winglets on the side skirts behind the front wheels.

Curious about how the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 drive? You will be pleased to learn that these electric vehicles have excellent performance and are up to compete against cars with combustion engines. Despite getting slightly more weight due to the body kits, the air suspension can effectively support Tesla’s low center. In addition, a few inches of ground clearance is sufficient to prevent the vehicle from colliding with the ground, even on slopes. Thanks to the added Tesla body kits, enhanced aerodynamics also allows the cars to travel more swiftly with greater stability at high speeds due to lower drag and lift forces.

ADRO offers pre-orders for the Tesla carbon fiber body kits, starting from 5,500 USD. Although the kits add several pounds to the overall mass of the vehicles (16 pounds for the Model Y and 13 for the Model 3), considering the aerodynamic benefits that these body kits provide, it is expected that the pieces will fly off the shelves in no time.

In the future, ADRO aims to continue producing Tesla aftermarket parts. Meanwhile, customers who make pre-orders can expect to rock the kits on their Tesla this upcoming August.


If you have questions about the Tesla body kits or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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