Carbon fiber toilet seat
Carbon fiber toilet seat
Carbon fiber toilet seat
Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat
Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Item #: 10016

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Sold Out/Discontinued

This item has been sold out or discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

“You know how fast a little fiber can make you go”.  “It makes you go faster”.  We’ve heard them all!  We’re proud to offer a genuine carbon fiber toilet seat, made with hand layered carbon fiber around a pre-molded foam core. Be wary of other less expensive seats that may use a wood core...they are much heavier, which defeats the whole purpose of carbon fiber!

The carbon fiber toilet seat fits standard household toilets.

The manufacturing process uses the finest epoxy resin system and 550,000 psi tensile carbon fiber. The carbon fiber features a 2 x 2 twill pattern, the weave looks absolutely gorgeous! Pictures do no justice.

  • Made out of 100% real carbon fiber
  • Fits standard size toilets
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Made in Canada
  • Please be sure to double check the dimensions below to ensure fitment with your toilet. Not all toilet seat sizes are standard.
  • Due to the nature of the product, sales are final.


16.5" long (from nose to hinge centerline). 14.25" wide. Mounting brackets are 5.5" apart.

Actual Item Weight

1,335 grams (2lbs 15oz)

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It's nice...****

The seat is novel, the lid it's like lifting air - truly a feeling like no other, and the build quality is very nice. Unfortunately, it is designed for use with for round toilets... even more concerning is that it appears to be undersized compared to most standard round seats - making it suitable for use by those very small in structure. Hopefully, an oblong toilet version is in the works?


Not practical

Know that if you buy this you CANNOT USED MODERN DISINFECTANTS TO CLEAN CARBON FIBER SURFACES! Plus the core is just foam which has a much shorter life. And they don't say what material the hardware is made from. Is it chrome plated or stainless? No real way to know. I would like one but the negatives (unknowns) fully outweigh the need...

Steve B.

All was perfect in the

All was perfect in the process to ordering the toilet seat. Special thanks to David for his patience. He helped me several times by phone by answering all my questions. I received it in Switzerland in just few days.. :) See you soon :) Steve B.

Steven S.

Absolutely gorgeous!! Love it. Slightly

Absolutely gorgeous!! Love it. Slightly too short lengthways, and fixings need to be 1/2" wider for UK toilet, had to fit without plastic guides or would have been full 5* :) Keep up the good work


Great for the girthy type!

After breaking countless toilet seats made out of all sorts of standard materials such as porcelain and plastic, I've finally found the perfect seat for my rather large rear end. I often spend significantly long amounts of time sitting on the toilet and although this could have a little more on the comfort side of things, it's so strong that it hasn't even broken yet! It's also very light which is great because I've always hated bending down to put the seat up and having to lift a heavy toilet seat, I mean, I'm never in the mood to do THAT much working out... Overall, great product, just missed a little on the comfort factor. You definitely need some stamina to spend long amounts of time on this thing but it's so light, strong, and aesthetically satisfying that it outweighs the lack of comfort!

Alexei P.


Weave pattern is consistent and looks amazing once installed on a toilet. Good job guys! Can't wait for the next purchase.

Jordon F.

Worth the money if you love carbon fiber

The CF toilet seat I just received looks awesome and has a perfect weave. There were no clear coat blemishes and came attached to flawlessly mounted hinges.


The place to sit for a s... !

Received our seat just after Christmas, many positive comments from all have have sat on it. Only minor gripe was the edge finish slipped through quality control. A couple of minutes with a some wet and dry and all is good. It looks great and is very comfortable to sit on... a quality item worth the spend !

CiNcity D.

Used as a trophy for the ND500 road rally!

Bought it on back order a few months ago and forgot to write a review. Everyone I show this too wants it and I had it on display in my mall kiosk for a few months with LOTS of people asking about it. The price to me seems VERY fair considering what you're getting here. Something to make all your friends jealous! Too bad I don't get to use it. I bought it to give away as the trophy for the "ugliest car" on the ND500 road rally. I think I'll buy one for myself though. LOOOOVE IT!! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. nic from North Dakota.

Dirtbox D.

Superb product, particularly for a personage with my problems

I am really happy with this product, as I have several bottom problems (large size, can't get enough, etc). This has given me the rear-end comfort that I have been craving for many years.