Superstrata Carbon Fiber 3D Printed E-bike Review

Superstrata Carbon Fiber 3D Printed E-bike Review

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No talking is necessary when it comes to a bicycle from Superstrata. Anything that this California-based advanced manufacturing company makes turns into gold.

Besides the classic models that have made its reputation, Superstrata also takes ultimate pride in its electric bikes. As per the brand, this 3d-printed bike combines the strength of the unibody and the stamina of electricity, making it the “power for the people.” 

Get “electrified” by how this e-bike is beautifully crafted for urban transportation.


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Crafted for Urban Transportation: Superstrata’s 3D-printed E-bike is Born Out of Seamless Carbon Fiber

Frame Material and Buildup

The latest Superstrata e-bike is a remarkable feat of engineering, thanks to its top-of-the-line carbon fiber composites and 3D printing technology that make up its frame. 

The result is an e-bike that is incredibly lightweight at just 24 pounds and exceptionally durable, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking for a reliable ride. Meanwhile, 3D printing technology enables the frame to be built in a single piece, resulting in a seamless unibody buildup across the entire structure, further enhancing its durability and speed. 

The carbon fiber in the frame is some of the most robust and lightweight materials, making the Superstrata ideal for commuting, leisure, and fitness. Moreover, the unibody construction ensures no weak points in the 3d-printed bike, offering a safe riding experience. 

What is the difference between an ultra-lightweight e-bike that is only 24 pounds and a regular one at 45 pounds? They are all powered by electricity, and riders barely have to move. However, the truth is different from what you may think.

Being lightweight is crucial for electric bikes, and carbon fiber frames offer various benefits. Electric bikes rely on battery power to function, and the more weight the bike has to carry, the more energy it requires to travel. In reality, reducing the mass by just 10% can increase by up to 10% in range, making it possible to travel further on a single battery charge.


Motor and Performance  

Hungry for more exciting features? The latest Superstrata 3d-printed bike is also a technological marvel thanks to its impressive motor and performance. 

The 250W engine is one of the most powerful available, allowing the Superstrata to reach a maximum speed of 32 Kph (20 Mph). This quality makes the e-bike an excellent choice for those who want to ride faster, whether for commuting or leisure.

One notable comparison is the Moto Parilla Tricolore, which also has a 250W motor output. Still, its performance is limited due to its heavyweight and chunky frame, weighing 46 pounds. So while the Superstrata’s carbon fiber frame allows the bike to reach 32 Kph, the Moto Parilla Tricolore can only hit 25 Kph. And these numbers mean the Superstrata can offer faster and more efficient rides than its counterparts with similar motor output.

Moreover, the high-performance motor on the Superstrata offers impressive acceleration, enabling riders to tackle rough terrain easily. Also, the engine can boost the rider’s pedaling efforts, making it a breeze to cover longer distances and enjoy more challenging rides.


Battery Life and Distance 

The Superstrata boasts an impressive carbon fiber frame and a high-performance motor, but the battery life and riding distance are also essential factors to consider. 

The 3d-printed bike can operate for a maximum distance of 60 miles (96 km) on one single charge, which is suitable for everyday needs. However, compared to other e-bikes on the market with larger batteries, the Superstrata’s range is not the best, as some e-bikes can last up to 100 miles (160 km) on a single charge.

However, remember that the Superstrata’s thin profile contributes to its reduced battery capacity, and the 60-mile range is still impressive, considering that it is designed for urban transportation. As a result, riders can expect to travel adequate distances on a single charge, making it ideal for daily commutes and leisure rides around town. 

Also, you can extend the battery life further by selecting different power modes, an added benefit for riders who want to conserve their battery life.


Deep Feature Customization 

The Superstrata e-bike is highly customizable, allowing riders to personalize their bike’s style, gears, color, wheels, and fit. This level of customization ensures that riders can create a bike that meets their exact preferences, maximizing their riding experience. 

However, each configuration will come at a different cost, added to the bike’s $4,000 price tag. This price may vary depending on the type of customization, such as selecting a specific color or upgrading to a different gear system. 

Despite this, the ability to personalize the Superstrata 3d-printed bike is a unique feature that sets it apart from other e-bikes, allowing riders to create a two-wheeler uniquely tailored to their needs and preferences.

Check out the Superstrata e-bike’s configuration here.


Technical Specifications 

Frame Material

Industrial Grade Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Composites

Frame Buildup


Fork Material

Industrial Grade Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Composites




Spoked Alloy Rims

Tire Options

Smooth Tread/Mixed Tread/Aggressive Tread


250W (32 Kph / 20 Mph)

Pedal Assist




Overall, the latest Superstrata e-bike is truly a technological marvel, combining cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques to produce a lightweight, robust, and seamless e-bike that will revolutionize the cycling world. 

While other e-bikes have larger batteries and longer riding distances, the Superstrata’s lightweight and high-performance components make it an excellent choice for riders who value speed and efficiency over range.


If you have questions about 3d-printed bikes or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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