Benro Rhino 24C Tripod Review: The Lightest in the Market?

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In my last blog post about camera tripods, I explained why the SmallRig Carbon Fiber AP-20 is the best lightweight tripod at a maximum height of 1,580 mm.

However, for those who need a tripod that can carry out heavy-duty applications, more than the SmallRig is required. You need something with a higher capacity.

Therefore, this time, I’ll introduce another carbon fiber tripod that looks presentable and works perfectly well for outdoor photography - the Benro Rhino 24C.


In This Article:

Inspired by Nature - Benro Rhino Tripod Is Made for Outdoor Photography

Detail-focused Design


The Benro Rhino tripods come in many sizes to serve different purposes. For example, you can get a 54.92 or 65.2 inches tripod for more travel-friendly use. The most extensive variation, 68.75 inches, is probably better for heavy-duty photography.

The 24C is the middle size in the 4 variations of the Benro tripod family, with a maximum height of 66.34 inches. The result is that this 24C version has the advantage of a portable travel-focused tripod that can support heavier devices.



The most noticeable difference between the Benro Rhino 24C and other camera tripods of the same price range is that this tripod has 3 carbon fiber legs with aluminum alloy joints and locks. This design means that Benro spends so much time and effort on every aesthetic detail of the tripod and strives to enhance its capabilities to the fullest extent.

Why do I say so? First, look closely at the finish of the legs on the Benro Rhino 24C. The gray, diamond-shaped detailing gives the surface of the tripod a sense of aesthetics. 

Not only so, but each lock is also covered in strong, dark gray silicone that complements the carbon fiber. It also gives the user a better grip while locking and unlocking the legs, not to mention that the inside of the locks is durable aluminum.



Now, look at the head of the Benro Rhino 24C. The first thing that catches your attention is the screw threads that allow you to mount additional accessories, such as hook or friction arms. Although this minor feature seems insignificant, it only comes in handy when shooting outdoors and requires an extended set of equipment. 

The ball head of the Benro Rhino tripod is a VX25, which comes with 2 control knobs. The smaller one allows you to swivel the entire head of the device, while the bigger one acts as a locking and unlocking dial for the ball head.

This VX25 ball head includes an Arca-swiss quick-release mounting clamp with a release knob and a bubble level indicator on one side. Another knob on the other side of the clamp unlocks the top section, allowing it to rotate independently along with the camera.


Payload and Durability


Despite being the middle-sized model among the four, the Benro Rhino 24C can hold up to 18 kg of gear, a significant amount.

Practically, any DSLR or mirrorless camera equipped with a standard telephoto zoom lens will fit within this load capacity. This tripod could even support some super telephoto lenses. However, such a setup would do a much better job with a more heavy-duty tripod.



In terms of durability, even after exerting pressure on the locked sections, the Benro Rhino 24C holds up well. The twist locks can hold it even when heavy camera equipment is added.

Also, although being relatively light at 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg), this version still has some weight, and the tripod maintains its stability in light to moderate winds. Finally, carbon fiber is aerodynamic, allowing resistance to shaking when exposed to wind.


Versatile Application

Adjustability and Angles

For a carbon fiber tripod that costs around $250, the Benro Rhino 24C can do anything any other tripod in a similar or lower price range can do.

First, the 4-section legs can fold upwards to extend their length to a maximal height of 66.34 inches, which is ideal for almost any shooting technique. The better thing about this 24C that justifies its high-end price tag is that other carbon fiber legs often feel flimsy and unreliable when extended to the maximal level. This Benro Rhino 24, on the other hand, remains sturdy and stable even when it’s in the most vulnerable setup.

Because the carbon fiber legs of the Benro Rhino tripod are so well-built, you can utilize it for various shooting angles, from standing to very low-angle shooting. Meanwhile, the center column can be the extra leg that can be inverted to diversify the camera’s position.  

However, it would have been fantastic if the center column had been completely detachable and could have been swapped out for a short stud that would have connected the ball head directly to the central joint, eliminating the unnecessary height.


Outdoor and Indoor Shooting

Is the Benro Rhino tripod 24C suitable for outdoor or indoor shooting? The answer is: it does the job well in both shooting scenarios. 

For outdoor shooting, the tripod performs brilliantly thanks to its ability to stabilize the shot and its impeccable durability. Of course, the Benro 24C isn’t the lightest tripod available, not even in its Benro family, yet it has the resilience and reliability that serves you well in 3 to 5 years. Also, thanks to its considerable weight, the tripod won’t be easily affected by strong winds or uneven terrain, which are the biggest enemies of outdoor photography.

Finally, the carbon fiber legs are expected to be less prone to environmental corrosion, making it likely to add more years to the tripod’s serviceability.

For indoor shooting, the 24C can undoubtedly serve you well for shooting portraits and products in a studio. In addition, the accessory ports can connect additional equipment, such as miniature lights or portable monitors, if necessary.

The carbon fiber material and weight reduction may seem insignificant in a studio or indoor setting, but the ease of maneuverability, even with a camera mounted, can be helpful.


Monopod Conversion

The last feature that is worth mentioning is the ability of the Benro Rhino tripod 24C to convert one of its legs to a carbon fiber monopod.

Due to the additional purpose without adding extra weight, the tripod’s versatility makes it an even better travel companion.

Although this function is fantastic, it may be even better if there was additional protection against mistakenly loosening this particular leg. A further feature that would tighten that joint, like a clasp lock, would give extra security even if it takes several rotations to remove the part, making it unlikely that the camera would come off.

Technical specifications and purchase:


$246.01 - Click here to purchase

Brand Name



Black - Gray

Compatible Devices

DSLR/mirrorless camera with standard telephoto lenses

Item Weight

4.5 lbs (2.04 kg)


Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Alloy

Folded Size

494 mm

Maximum Height

1724 mm

Minimum Height

491 mm

Head Type

Ball Head

Load Capacity

18 kg

Special Features

Auto-hold Adjusting Trigger, Lengthened Locking Knob, Carbon Fiber Braided Legs, Ergonomic Rubber Sleeve


If you have questions about Benro Rhino tripods or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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