New SmallRig Carbon Fiber Tripod Perfect for Travel

New SmallRig Carbon Fiber Tripod Perfect for Travel

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So you want a reliable camera tripod that lasts for years for outdoor shooting. 

However, most camera tripods on Amazon appear squeaky and don’t seem to be the ones you can trust. It would be best if you had something of higher quality and long-lasting.

SmallRig has long been an authentic brand for photography accessories. This year, the multinational brand released another tripod model - The SmallRig Carbon Fiber AP-20

Find out what this new carbon fiber tripod looks like for outdoor shooting.


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Born for Outdoor Shootings - SmallRig Carbon Fiber Tripod Makes Capturing Moments Easier

Durable and Lightweight Carbon Fiber Legs

The first notable feature of this new tripod is carbon fiber on the legs - the material known for its durability, lightweight, and a higher sense of value.

It’s easy to come across thousands of lightweight aluminum tripods on Amazon. They’re light, affordable, and handy. Still, their hollow structure and thin material use make them last short. Carbon fiber is a superior alternative.

When you reach your pocket and spend money on an accessory, you want it to last. The carbon fiber legs on the SmallRig are so durable that the brand claims to be “born for outdoor shootings” and gives it a 2-year warranty instead of 1 year like in other tripods. 

Carbon fiber also makes this tripod model so lightweight that the item weighs only 1.2kg at 1.58m, lighter than most popular tripods of the same height on the market. For example, the SIRUI Traveler 7C carbon fiber has a comparable maximum size (1.65m) but weighs a bit heavier at 1.57kg. For a bring-along item, the lighter it is, the better. 


High Load Capacity for More Stability

Of course, you don’t want your camera tripod to collapse or give off creaky sounds that ruin the shooting session. So the new SmallRig carbon fiber tripod has a high load capacity that can mount up to 10kg of equipment, avoiding vibrations and stabilizing every shot. A high load also means shooting in an uneven position results in less wobbling.

Now you may be wondering, “What camera weighs that heavy?” Even if your camera never weighs that much, it’s still better to have more when it comes to weight load. So the backpack you’re carrying is dragging you down and making it harder to capture a perfect shot? Attach it to the clasp on the central axis and release yourself of some burden!


Central Axis for Multi-scene Shooting

The central axis is another valuable feature of the new SmallRig carbon fiber tripod. As the fourth leg of the structure, this extra center column can be used for low-angle shots or shooting multiple scenes at a time. This function is perfect for those who love taking pictures positioned low on the vertical axis below the eye line looking up. 

What if you take low-angle shots while sitting down? The 3-leg mechanism is sometimes not enough to eliminate vibrations when there is movement at the top of the central axis. So the tent position with folded legs can stabilize the camera thanks to the support of the central axis. This feature is useful when using the 360° swivel and 90° tilt to alternate the angles. 


Adjustable Legs for Multi-angle Shooting  

Tripod legs that are foldable are something that has been introduced previously. But does every tripod have multiple stops for opening angles? Regular tripods will only allow you to change the length or angle without fixed stops, which makes it hard to deploy a symmetrical structure. The new SmallRig allows quick angle adjustment between 23°, 55°, and 85°.

This carbon fiber tripod is also designed with threaded holes for expandability. So mounting a single primary camera doesn’t feel enough for you, and now you want to attach another lens to expand the angle. You got it! Capturing multiple angles becomes easier as you mount an auxiliary shooting device so you won’t miss a thing.


Quick Transform Into a Monopod

You’re mistaken if you believe the above-said features make up the ideal travel tripod. The new SmallRig carbon fiber tripod can do even more than that. For example, if the tripod’s maximum height of 1.58m is insufficient to capture all moments, you can easily extend it by transforming it into a monopod. The monopod mode extension range is up to 42 cm added.

Technical specifications and purchase:


$134.10 - Click here to purchase.

Brand Name




Compatible Devices

Camera, Smartphone, Camcorder

Item Weight



Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Alloy 

Folded Size

398 mm

Maximum Height

1580 mm

Minimum Height

540 mm

Tripod Head Type

Ball Heads

Load Capacity


Special Features

Central Axis, Monopod Mode, Quick & Adjustable Legs, Threaded Holes, Arca-Swiss Panoramic Ball Head


Is this new SmallRig carbon fiber tripod good for you? 

This item is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a reliable, durable, lightweight camera tripod. Carbon fiber makes it superior in every aspect compared to most other contenders. At only over $130, this is one of the best carbon fiber travel tripods you can buy.


If you have questions about carbon fiber tripods or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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