Carbon Fiber Gifts You Can Give to Your Boss

Carbon Fiber Gifts You Can Give to Your Boss

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So, you’ve just got a promotion, and now you want to do something to show your boss you appreciate that.

An elegant gift will do more than just fine in telling the man in charge that he has a clue to have trust in you. And, of course, elegance comes with style and tastefulness, and that’s what a gift made of carbon fiber has to offer.

Explore our store and get some carbon fiber gifts for your boss to show you care about him.

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In This Article:

  1. Carbon Fiber Pens
  2. Carbon Fiber Wallets
  3. Carbon Fiber Card Holders
  4. Carbon Fiber Sunglasses
  5. Carbon Fiber Keychains
  6. Carbon Fiber Belts
  7. Carbon Fiber Watches
  8. Carbon Fiber Briefcases
  9. Carbon Fiber Cigar Accessories
  10. Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Cases & Bands

Carbon Fiber Gifts for Boss That Show Your Appreciation

1. Carbon Fiber Pens

A classic boss will always need a reliable pen that he can use to sign contracts. Nobody will ever want a multimillion-dollar deal to be messed up by a signing that goes off halfway through and puts the prospect at risk.

That’s why a carbon fiber pen that works impeccably is a perfect gift idea for your boss. For example, our Bastion Bolt-Action Carbon Fiber Pen provides a good sense of aesthetics and a well-balanced, ergonomic feel that is ideal for writing.


2. Carbon Fiber Wallets

A gentleman needs a wallet that looks fine and offers sufficient functionality. A boss, however, requires a wallet that shows people his class. If your boss’s wallet has been worn out because he’s too busy to take care of it, now is the time to give him a new one.

The TUMI Donington Double Billfold Carbon Fiber Wallet will get your boss more respect from his men simply because this piece of craftsmanship is the finest. The wallet, part of the Donington collection, is refined in smooth, soft leather with a minimalist TUMI signature on the folding edge, making it perfect for a man in charge.


3. Carbon Fiber Card Holders

Besides the wallet that serves as a classy item, a business card holder is another one that attracts attention when in use. Why? A man’s success is measured by his status and ability to spend, and the cards he has in his pocket do the job of impressing people.

As the top-grade card holder in our collection, the Cardissimo Carbon Fiber Card Holder makes your boss look classier than he can ever. This card holder is sleek, well-designed with sharp edges, and comes with a beautiful box, making it perfect as a gift for the boss.

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4. Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Not all shades are created equal, and a class act deserves the most pleasing shades. If your boss sometimes has to leave the office to meet his partners, a gift that can level up his eyewear while shedding light on his style is simply perfect.

We offer a variety of styles, all made from lightweight and durable carbon fiber. Class, comfort, and protection, the Carbon Fiber Aviator will sharpen anyone’s fashion look while providing adequate shielding from harmful UV rays.


5. Carbon Fiber Keychains

A reliable keychain ensures that you’ll never lose your keys. Yet, a sophisticated keychain ensures that even the smallest item in your accessory set will attract everyone’s attention. Whether it’s attached to a bag or belt loop, an opulent keychain is there to steal the spotlight.

The TUMI Carbon Fiber Retractable Key Fob boasts genuine carbon fiber inlay on the front and back, the same material found in most exotic cars. And, if your boss ever wonders what MCMLXXV on the keychain means, tell him it represents 1975, TUMI’s founding year.


6. Carbon Fiber Belts

A belt has become more than just a crucial accessory for any man’s outfit. It’s now a piece of fashion that ties the whole look together. Therefore, don’t just let your boss buckle up with a regular belt. He deserves more than that, something like a carbon fiber belt.

And, if your boss is a fan of handmade Italian goods, get him a Michael Toschi Carbon Fiber Belt. This belt is just about as good as it looks! The buckle is solid brass, the leather is genuine Italian calf, and the inlay is premium carbon fiber. It’s a winning combination that results in a great belt.

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7. Carbon Fiber Watches

Sure your boss already has a hand watch. Let me guess. He might wear a 43mm Tag Heuer or an Apple Watch Titanium daily at work. But does he have a hand watch designed for practicality, durability, and power when he goes for a hike?

The G-SHOCK Mudmaster Master Carbon Fiber Watch is the all-in-one watch that fits a gentleman perfectly for all occasions: in the office, at the party, and even during an outdoor trip. Expect a big surprise from your boss: this watch is made for a real man like him.


8. Carbon Fiber Briefcases

Unlike a regular backpack that only carries stuff, a luxurious leather briefcase should let people around your boss know that he is in charge, needs a lot of respect, and doesn’t have time to deal with the fuss. Yes, a briefcase is meant to hold the essentials, but the vibe and class are more important.

For this reason, your boss should bring with him to the office something like the Londono Boston Carbon Fiber Business Bag to insinuate that he’s in the highest position in the company. With high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, this half-a-thousand-dollar briefcase can be summed up as an absolute appreciation for your boss.


9. Carbon Fiber Cigar Accessories

If your boss is a cigar aficionado, giving him a cigar accessory as a gift sounds like a good idea. Not only will your present add more joy to his smoking experience, but it will also show how much you pay attention to his hobby.

The Porsche Design Carbon Fiber Lighter does just that! This cigar lighter is one of the best gifts for your boss thanks to its sleek and pocket-friendly design and a shiny metal frame that gives it long-lasting serviceability. Moreover, it has a double-sided carbon fiber inlay that looks and feels incredible to the touch. And it’s a Porsche, so it’s simply good!


10. Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Cases & Bands

Finally, get your boss a carbon fiber Apple Watch accessory if he’s another Apple fan. A high-tech piece like that should be secured with a carbon fiber case or band. This little add-on perfectly combines form and function, resulting in a watch with a mighty dose of style and protection.   

Did we mention that the CarboBand is handmade by a single leather craftsman in Colombia using only the finest materials? This masterpiece of artisanship also uses a unique carbon fiber material that allows it to remain ultra-flexible and soft to the touch. Believe it or not, this Apple Watch band can be the ultimate gift idea for your boss.

Don’t let your boss wait too long until he can get a gift from you. A well-timed and specially-chosen gift will have your boss feel on top of the world. Remember, any gift is better than no gift, but a perfect gift is better than all.


If you have questions about carbon fiber gifts for your boss or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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