Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer LTi Is the Coolest Camper in the Market

Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer LTi Is the Coolest Camper in the Market

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Cross-country traveling is no longer an infeasible thing for many people. But, to make the trip fun, you need a fully functional, well-built machine that can take you to places that no other vehicle would ever dare.

The EarthRoamer LTi expedition camper is the no-brainer solution.

Find out what the most passionate “roamer” may expect from the brand’s latest camper model.

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Carbon Fiber Campers Are Set to Revolutionize the Expedition Vehicle Market 

EarthRoamer: Creating Vehicles to Explore the World

Established in 1998, EarthRoamer started as a family-scale manufacturer in Colorado that builds expedition vehicles. Reliability, capability, and practicality with an abundance of utilities are those unmatched prerequisites that EarthRoamer has strived to maintain in every single product they release. And now, the result is a whole “patrol” of over 300 campers at all four corners of the American wilderness.

In 2019, to reinforce their undisputed leadership in making robust overland vehicles, EarthRoamer decided to hit the road with another technologically advanced machine - the EarthRoamer LTi

This “beast” is set to conquer the world’s harshest roads and trails and, on top of it, revolutionize the expedition vehicle industry. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


The EarthRoamer LTi Has the Most Advanced Camper Body 

First, let’s put the interior design and other powerful features of the LTi aside because we’re here to fully appreciate the exterior construction of the vehicle, which is made of complete carbon fiber, or “vacuum-infused carbon fiber,” as the manufacturer claims.

Who doesn’t want their vehicle or camper to be made of the most modern materials in the world? Especially for those following their dream of living and breathing in the farthest reaches of nature, this demand is even further accentuated since better materials allow better reliability and serviceability.

That’s why the latest EarthRoamer LTi is built to possess the most technologically advanced camper body on the market, meaning it’s even better than the previous models of EarthRoamer.

How is it possible? Carbon fiber construction makes everything easy! 


Three-layer Camper Shell

The EarthRoamer LTi is built on the “monstrous” 6.7L turbo diesel V8 Ford F-550 Super Duty that can generate a colossal 330 horsepower. At the back of this four-wheel-drive machine is a three-layer camper portion that fully utilizes the advantages of carbon fiber.  

This “sandwich” construction, in which a layer is placed after another, is unique, if not the first and only, to ever exist in an off-road vehicle. The three layers consist of a carbon fiber layer, a structural foam core, and another layer of carbon fiber. 

So why does EarthRoamer make the camper portion in that manner? 

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest and stiffest materials in the world. However, as the camper portion is where passengers accommodate, the entire structure must be able to absorb the impact from the environment. Noise, heat, or freezing temperatures, we don’t want our trip to be ruined by those in the middle of the wilderness. That’s where a structural foam core comes into play to provide an internal structure for the “mini-house on wheels.”


No Metal Support Structure

So you think boasting a three-layer carbon fiber camper shell is too good for an expedition vehicle? No, it’s not. It’s way better than just that!

Since the camper shell’s entire outer and inner layer are made of complete carbon fiber, no metal support structure is necessary to resist external forces from below or above. Carbon fiber can act as the primary support for the system as this material has the strength of metal, yet only at a fraction of the weight.

In addition, the “monocoque,” or unibody design, also allows loads and forces to be evenly distributed along the whole structure. This mechanism is similar to an eggshell, where no particular component withstands the most impact while others virtually hold none.


Thinner Carbon Fiber Camper Shell for Lighter Weight

When it comes to an expedition vehicle, one universal truth is that the lighter it is, the better. The weight matters, and it heavily affects the experience of a trip. Imagine painfully dragging your camper into a thousand-long road and ruining every plan. 

For the EarthRoamer LTi, hitting the highway is simple, as it’s capable of speeding at 81 mph. 

Carbon fiber allows the LTi to roll fast since this material is ultra-lightweight and lighter than any traditional material on overland campers of the same type. The result is a thinner carbon fiber camper shell with the same solidity as a thicker model.

That said, it’s hard to deny the significant role of the massive ten-speed automatic engine that produces 750 lb-ft of torque. Yet, with all that power, perhaps EarthRoamer means no joke when claiming: “the EarthRoamer LTi will take you to places other vehicles would never dare.”

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One-piece Carbon Fiber Camper Shell for Better Insulation

When seeking relaxation, we don’t want our living space to be disturbed by noise and unbearable temperatures. The EarthRoamer LTi, with its single-piece carbon fiber camper shell, ensures that your living space is delightful and pleasurable, thanks to fantastic insulation.


Noise Insulation

Because the molded design has no seams, leakage or structural failure is not a thing, resulting in a completely enclosed space inside the camper portion. Although data for the acoustic insulation capacity of the LTi is not available, we can tell that this vehicle allows for one of the quietest rides into the wilderness.  


Thermal Insulation

What about heat insulation? Indeed the vehicle has a built-in heating and cooling system. Yet we want it to be as energy-efficient as possible and save more resources for longer trips. Carbon fiber is a perfect heat insulator, ensuring your living space is always in the “sweet range” - never too hot and never too cold.

Overall, the EarthRoamer LTi is the most fantastic camper in the market that money can buy, thanks to its various advanced technologies, one of which is the carbon fiber camper shell. But is it worth the $590,000 price tag? Explore the world with it and decide for yourself!


If you have questions about carbon fiber campers or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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