Benefits Of Getting A Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Marriage is a monumental occasion in everyone’s life. And what’s a wedding without wedding rings? Check out these carbon fiber rings that will make your special day even more special!


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In This Article:

  1. Unique
  2. A Great Fit For Everyone
  3. High-quality Finish
  4. Durable 
  5. Ultra Lightweight

Why Married Couples Should Get Their Own Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings

1. Unique

1-old-fashioned-carbon-fiber-and-whiskey-barrel-ring | Benefits Of Getting A Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

All the carbon fiber rings in our collection have something unique to each of them.

Take our collection of carbon fiber wood rings, for example. Each ring will have a slightly different pattern due to the wood being natural. No two Cooper rings with reclaimed white oak wood from High West whiskey barrels in the interior layer look the same, as are Aloha rings with natural koa wood from Hawaii on the exterior. Such uniqueness is fit to be on your carbon fiber wedding rings on your special day!

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2. A Great Fit For Everyone

1-titanium-carbon-fiber-diamond-ring-or-wedding-band | Benefits Of Getting A Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Besides the natural materials, the inclusion of carbon fiber also makes these rings lightweight and hypoallergenic. That means these carbon fiber rings can be an excellent fit for anyone, even those considered to be non-ring people!

From the elegant 4mm Titanium Ring to the posh Silverback, or the exotic Red Racer, every one of these carbon fiber rings will fit nicely into your ring finger. Any one of these rings will make an excellent wedding band for you and your special other half!


3. High-quality Finish

lumineer-carbon-fiber-chromaglow-ring-by-element-ring-go | Benefits Of Getting A Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Apart from being handmade, we guarantee that all our carbon fiber rings are of the highest quality. You will have a true feeling of luxury with our metal rings collection, with high-quality metal as materials. Carbon fiber is used in cool applications like supercars, at NASA, or in yachts, for example, making rings like Blue Racer and Lumineer feel truly high-class (and they also glow, too!). 


4. Durable 

wooden carbon fiber ring on a bunch of cartridges | Benefits Of Getting A Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Besides all the other materials such as titanium, metal, and wood, the inclusion of carbon fiber also makes these rings extra-durable. You can take your Red Racer or Aloha rings anywhere and don’t have to worry about whether there will be tears and wears. Our carbon fiber bands will last a very long time.


5. Ultra Lightweight

The inclusion of carbon fiber also makes our rings extra lightweight as well. You won’t have to worry about having difficulty moving your fingers around, and our rings will make you feel as if you are not wearing anything. Catchy on the eyes and comfortable to wear, our carbon fiber rings have the best of both worlds, surely to make both ring enthusiasts and “non-ring” people happy!

Our carbon fiber rings are definitely must-haves for rings enthusiasts out there!

What do you think about these carbon fiber rings? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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