Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat Cover

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat Cover

Hey, you!

I know you came for our awesome blog post, but we have to let you in on something. Our main business is a shop that sells a ton of unique and cool lifestyle and personal accessories made with REAL carbon fiber.

If you love carbon fiber as much as we do, go explore!

"You know how fast a little fiber can make you go" "It's 50% lighter, that allows you to go faster!"

Got a better one? Post your comment below! Let's face it, when you think of carbon fiber, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not your bathroom. That can now change with the real carbon fiber toilet seat, now available in our store.

Carbon fiber toilet seat

Each seat is made using hand-layered 550,000 psi tensile carbon fiber around a pre-molded foam core. The manufacturer has experience in making carbon fiber bicycle and race parts, and that knowledge is applied to making this hardcore toilet seat.

Carbon fiber toilet seat

For a cheaper alternative you can pick up a carbon fiber toilet seat with pinstripe flames on it from eBay for $149.95:

Carbon fiber toilet seat cover with pinstripe flames

For the complete package, pick up the downshift toilet handle:

Downshift toilet handle