Carbon-Fiber-Weave-feat | Carbon Fiber Weave Featured on New Nike Air Force 1 Low

Carbon Fiber Weave Featured on New Nike Air Force 1 Low

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The Nike Air Force 1 has been around long enough to become the origin of so many post-generation styles as we see now. As the sneaker celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year, Nike is expected to introduce a new version with an intriguing feature: carbon fiber weave. Read this article to find out how this material is used in the new Nike Air Force.

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New Nike Air Force 1 Low Boasts Carbon Fiber Weave on the Swooshes

The Nike Air Force 1 sneaker was first released in 1982. Since its debut, the sneaker has become a symbol of streetwear culture and has gained worldwide popularity. Being one of the best-selling shoes of all time, how will the Air Force 1 restyle the hype-beast world using carbon fiber?


Timeless Design for the 40th Anniversary

In the sneaker market, only a few styles survive for a long time. Those that last have to be true classics. This short lifespan of any piece of clothing is because people’s tastes and preferences vary throughout time, with old designs being phased out to make way for new ones. For Nike, one rare example of a pair of ever-lasting sneakers is the low-cut, all-white Air Force 1. This silhouette from Nike began as a pair of eye-catching basketball shoes and has now evolved into a must-have piece in any streetwear collection.

Last year, Nike released several versions for the Air Force 1 as though they were testing new ideas for the 40th Anniversary silhouette. Eventually, the brand decided to put the finishing touches on the lateral Nike Swooshes, completely changing the shoe’s core element. As a result, a new design is released once again, known as the Air Force 1 Low Black Royal Carbon Fiber. That said, the shoe has been mostly restored to its original design. The timeless model is distinguished by its upper, which is charcoal black leather with carbon fiber weave on the Swooshes. Other than that, the design remains intact. 


Dark Colorway Contrasts With the Blue Logos 

The white-on-white colorway creates the ageless look of Air Force 1. However, the Nike Air Force has been able to lengthen its lifeline and remain a preferred choice thanks to its vast collection of different colors. Most of the details of the new version are in a charcoal black colorway, which contrasts with the blue Nike logos and Air branding on the mudguard and the midsole. The shoe’s original design is so clean that even minimal tweaks such as the black-and-blue contrast are striking enough to earn itself a nickname as ‘Black Royal’ and a right to brag for anyone who has a pair on their feet.


Leather Construction Throughout the Upper

Since its first introduction in the 1980s, the all-leather construction has always been a decisive element that makes it a strong seller. Therefore, it is not surprising to expect the same primary material in the new version. The leather quality should remain the same at the same price as the previous version, allowing the shoes to last as long as the owner wants. However, unlike the regular version in which the leather is made in all-while color, the charcoal black accent of the leather allows the carbon weave on the Swooshes to stand out as a core element of the shoes.

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Carbon Fiber Weave on the Swooshes 

It is fair enough to say that Nike is always the leading shoemaker in footwear innovation. Anyone from the streetwear world still remembers the brand’s contribution to the environment when it introduced its sustainable and eco-friendly shoes made from recycled materials. Nike’s mission is not just to make environmentally friendly footwear but also to set trends in shoe materials that can disrupt the sneaker market while staying true to its roots. This time, Nike gives the Swooshes a distinctive design using a unique material. Carbon fiber in the diagonal weave on both sides of the shoes is perfect for featuring on this Air Force 1, further elevating the black leather construction’s intrinsically demanding and robust look.  

Many sneakerheads might be wondering why carbon fiber and not other materials such as mesh fabric for better breathability; and why it is introduced on the Swooshes and not other parts. As the silhouette and the colorway of the shoe speak for themselves, the new Nike Air Force 1 Low represents robustness, strength, and sustainability, just like carbon fiber. Moreover, as a recyclable material, carbon fiber aligns with the brand’s mission to preserve the sneakerheads’ playing field. And, it is needless to say that the Swooshes have always been the core element of any Nike shoe. If carbon fiber is ever introduced, it is where the new material steals the spotlight.  

The new Nike Air Force 1 Low will be released in mid-2022 at an estimated retail price of 120 USD. Given the unique carbon fiber weave featured on the iconic Swooshes, will you cop or pass?


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