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5 Fun Uses for Carbon Fiber Sheets

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Carbon fiber has some very unique and valuable qualities. If used the right way, carbon fiber can reduce the weight and thickness of components. At the same time, it boosts stability and structural strength. Here are five fun uses for carbon fiber sheets.

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In this article:

  1. What Are Carbon Fiber Sheets?
  2. Automotive Uses
  3. Personal Accessories
  4. Decor and Interior Design
  5. Sports Equipment
  6. Hobbies That Use Carbon Fiber Sheets

What Are Carbon Fiber Sheets?

Carbon fiber sheets or composites are carbon fiber fabric infused with epoxy resins and then cured to become rigid. Sheets consist of multiple pieces of fabric and come in different sizes, thicknesses, and weaves. Sheets are flat, so they are typically useful on flat surfaces. The thicker the sheet is, the more rigid it becomes.

Each type of weave has distinct properties, uses, and appearance. Some weaves are stable but less pliable. Others are elegant but not strong. 

What Are Carbon Fiber Sheets? | 5 Fun Uses for Carbon Fiber Sheets Body

For instance, looser weaves make it easier to mold around complex shapes. But, it's also more likely for gaps to appear between fibers, and it's less stable.

In short, before buying carbon fiber sheets, think about look, strength, and function and make sure the type of sheet suits your needs. Carbon Fiber Gear provides carbon fiber sheets along with professional advice. We also offer a sample pack containing  4" x 4" squares of our high-gloss, mirror-finish carbon fiber sheets in a variety of thicknesses and rigidity.

1-carbon-fiber-sheets-glossy-sample-pack_1800x1800 | 5 Fun Uses for Carbon Fiber Sheets Body

Automotive Uses

Carbon fiber has a high strength to weight ratio, making it ideal for motorsports. In 1981, the McLaren MP4/1 Formula One race car was the first with a chassis made entirely from carbon fiber. Since then, the automotive world has been obsessed with this lightweight material. 

It's used for many parts to save weight without compromising strength. But, composite sheets are often sought after for cosmetic reasons and have become a familiar sight in luxury car interiors.

With carbon fiber sheets, you can customize your car for a high-end sports look. The most common cosmetic uses are:

  • Gearshifts
  • Instrument panels and dashboards
  • Gas caps
  • Mudflaps
  • Door panels and pillars
  • Vents 
  • Sound system and speaker fronts

You can also replace your metal or plastic car badge with a custom made carbon fiber one. Ask your supplier about cutting and milling services.

Personal Accessories

Initially, it was hard to work with carbon fiber. But accessories started gaining popularity a few years ago when composites and forged carbon fiber made it a more functional and user-friendly material. Now designers can't get enough of it. And it's easy to understand why. 

The fibers' unique patterns create visually appealing jewelry, watches, wallets, apparel, and so much more. And it's not all about looks. Carbon fiber accessories are also lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic.

Accessories come in a combination of material or hybrids that add another dimension to your style. For instance, clip your keys to your belt with a carbon fiber carabiner or make an impression when you network with a Cardissimo business card case.

Cardissimo business card case | 5 Fun Uses for Carbon Fiber Sheets | Personal Accessories

Decor and Interior Design

You'll find carbon fiber composites in anything from clocks to kitchen wear. You can add carbon fiber sheets as decorative trim (assuming the surface is flat) or use it as functional design elements like customizing your car. 

Dobreff Design Carbon Fiber Square Plate | 5 Fun Uses for Carbon Fiber Sheets | Decor and Interior Design

Interior designers choose carbon fiber for the different finishes and weave patterns that combine elegance with futuristic details. For instance, a matt finish may allow you to feel the weave, whereas a high-gloss finish magnifies the dimensions and results in a 3D effect.

Furniture makers, on the other hand, may use carbon fiber for its weight-saving properties.  

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Sports Equipment

For sports lovers, nothing beats carbon fiber equipment. The last decade of the 20th century saw many innovations, and due to better fabrication methods, it became more accessible to non-professional athletes.

Since then, using composite carbon fiber materials for lightweight sporting goods hasn't slowed down.

More recently, though, carbon fiber gave snowboards a much-needed upgrade. Carbon fiber plates help distribute pressure over a greater distance. As a result, boards flex more naturally. Some boards even come in different flex levels, and you can have it tailored to your liking. What's more, it's virtually indestructible.

Hobbies That Use Carbon Fiber Sheets

Carbon fiber composite's properties make it the ideal material for various hobbies. It's lighter than aluminum, stronger than steel, and conductive. On top of that, it has vibration dampening properties and low thermal expansion. Carbon fiber sheets will come in handy for serious hobbyists and those trying something for the first time alike. If you get stuck, we can help bring your carbon fiber and other advanced composites projects come to life.


What Are Carbon Fiber Sheets? | 5 Fun Uses for Carbon Fiber Sheets Drones

Building drones from composite sheets have many advantages. Carbon sheets are relatively easy to process and cut, so there's no need for costly mold making. Besides, drones depend heavily on weight. Using carbon fiber, you gain the benefit of longer flights, more precise movements, added strength and increased carrying capacity for cameras or other equipment.


Robotics enthusiasts favor carbon fiber sheets on flat surfaces over almost any other material for many reasons. But above all, the lightweight sheets enable faster movements while using less power. It's also more cost-effective than most other options.


Aircraft kits make it possible to build your own high-performance plane in your garage. Although composite aircraft construction is not a new idea, a series of innovative designs make it easier and much faster to build your plane than ever before. 

The latest models replace much of the fiberglass construction with lighter carbon fiber. 

Watch this video for more on the types of carbon fiber DarkAero use for their kit plane.

Carbon fiber is a versatile material, and these are only some of its many uses. Your imagination is almost the only limit. To get the most out of carbon fiber sheets or products, always choose the highest quality, or work with a manufacturer that understands the complexities of carbon composites. Whether you have a project in mind or looking for some eye-catching items, once you get your hands on carbon composite, you'll want to use it for everything.

We scour the globe to source, design, develop and curate unique and high-quality products made with carbon fiber and other advanced composite materials. Contact us or visit our website to learn more.

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