From Concept to Reality: Gordon Murray T50 Production Line Kicks Into Gear

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After two years since its concept unveiling at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting in 2021, Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has kickstarted production of the highly anticipated T50. 

Touted as the epitome of purity, simplicity, and power, the Gordon Murray T50 arrives as GMA’s ultimate automotive vision, ready to redefine performance and driving experience.

So after a long wait, the supercar is finally here! Read on to find out what the Gordon Murray T50 brings to the table.


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986 Kg of Innovation | Will the T50 With a Carbon Fiber Monocoque Set a New Benchmark for Supercar?

Pure, Timeless Design in Compact Dimensions

The Gordon Murray T50 has a design philosophy that is a tribute to the timelessness and simplicity of the South African-British racing car designer. 

Its compact dimensions (4,352m*1,850mm*1,164 mm) are reminiscent of Gordon Murray’s earlier design, the renowned McLaren F1. The T50 rejects the ostentation typical of supercars by emphasizing aerodynamic efficiency in all outward design elements.

Where traditional supercars flaunt aggressive wind splitters, the T50 removes them, recognizing their inefficacy in proper aerodynamic optimization. Instead, the focus is on functionality, as exemplified by the two substantial rear diffusers. 

These diffusers channel airflow from beneath the car to the rear, fostering aerodynamic efficiency. This dedication to efficiency extends even to minor features, such as replacing side mirrors with compact side cameras, diminishing the car’s width. 

Rear-mounted Fan for Instant Downforce

The Gordon Murray T50 also introduces a rear-mounted fan, harking back to the ingenuity of the Brabham BT46B “fan car,” another groundbreaking creation by Gordon Murray. 

This homage demonstrates Murray’s persistent pursuit of innovation. The 8.5 kW fan, measuring 40 cm in diameter, is driven by a 48-volt electric motor, encapsulating cutting-edge technology within its compact form.

This aerodynamic feature amplifies downforce instantaneously. At a 90-degree angle, the fan suctions air from beneath the car, resulting in a remarkable 30% upsurge in downforce. This innovation, labeled the “active and interactive” ground effect, extends beyond the confines of conventional static aerodynamics. 

Furthermore, by activating the rear spoilers to a 45-degree angle and utilizing rear diffusers, the T50 can produce 100% more downforce while braking at high speed.


Ultra-light Carbon Fiber Monocoque Chassis 


With its ultra-lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the Gordon Murray T50 is an excellent example of performance-driven design and an engineering wonder. 

It is evidence of rigorous craftsmanship, weighing only 150 kg—30 kg less than the McLaren F1 it succeeded. This chassis takes center stage, forming the core of the T50’s astonishing 986 kg (2,174 lbs) total weight, equivalent to just two-thirds of other supercars in its class.

Every facet of the T50 is imbued with a “light-can-be-lighter” philosophy. From screws to bolts and even the pedals, each element has been refined to achieve optimal weight reduction without compromising structural integrity. 

This obsessive attention to detail culminates in a peerless power-to-weight ratio, rendering the T50 one of the most potent supercars ever. 


Driver-centric Interior With Analog Gauges

The Gordon Murray T50’s driver-centric concept reflects its designer’s F1 background. The T50’s cockpit, with the driver in the center, channels the symmetry of an F1 car. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this configuration maximizes cornering effectiveness for both left and right turns, enhancing the driver’s sense of connection to the road.

Despite its F1 inspiration, the T50’s cockpit remains practical. 

The cabin, which seats one driver and two passengers, is practical without sacrificing the thrilling experience. Surprisingly spacious compared to the McLaren F1, it is well-equipped for extended journeys, even accommodating luggage.

Meanwhile, the analog gauges adorning the dashboard, a contrast to digital displays in contemporary supercars, underscore the T50’s purity of design. Gordon Murray argues that analog gauges provide unmatched responsiveness for spirited driving, prioritizing the driver’s connection with the machine over screen-based distractions. 


Cosworth 4.0L V12 Naturally-aspirated Engine

At the heart of the Gordon Murray T50 rests the Cosworth 4.0L V12 naturally-aspirated engine, a masterpiece that heralds a new era of automotive prowess. 

This bespoke 3,994 cc engine is an ode to performance, destined to establish the T50 as not only one of the most potent supercars of its time but a benchmark for years to come.

Boasting a formidable power output of 663 PS (488 kW; 654 hp) at a spine-tingling 11,500 RPM and a peak torque of 467 Nm (344 lb-ft) at 9,000 RPM, this engine achieves an astounding 122.1 kW (163.7 hp; 166 PS) per liter or 501 kW (672 hp) per ton, thanks to the car’s lightweight 986-kg construction. 

The T50 can sprint 0-60 mph (100 km/h) in a mere 2.8 seconds, reaching a top speed of 226 mph (363.7 kph). This Cosworth engine, fair to be known as a mechanical wonder, perfectly complements the T50’s pursuit of unparalleled driving exhilaration.


Price, Release Date, and Production Number

Unlike common speculation, the T50, named to signify Gordon Murray’s 50th design, does not denote the production count. However, that does not help the car escape its limited production line, as only 100 units will be crafted in the company’s Dunsfold factory. 

This exclusivity is underlined by its price tag of $2.9 million before taxes.

To secure ownership of this rare gem, potential buyers must embark on a journey of commitment. A $740,000 deposit is required to claim a spot, followed by an additional $925,000 for personal customization. The final payment is due upon delivery. 

While owning a T50 is a dream, most units have already been pre-ordered, making ownership a coveted feat.

After the initial production run, 20 more units will be dedicated to the unique “T50s Niki Lauda” version, commemorating the legacy of the legendary F1 racer. With an anticipated release by late 2023, the T50 will soon grace the streets.




$2.9 Million Before Tax

Also Called



4,352m*1,850mm*1,164 mm


986 kg (2,174 lbs)


Cosworth 4.0L V12 Naturally-aspirated

Power Output

663 PS (488 kW; 654 hp) at 11,500 RPM

Top Speed

226 mph (363.7 kph)

0-60 mph

2.8 Seconds


6-speed Xtrac H-pattern Manual

Body and Chassis

Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Monocoque

Production Units

Limited to 100 Units (Plus 20 Special Version T50s)

Special Version

T50s Niki Lauda (20 units)

Expected Release Date

Late 2023

If you have questions about the Gordon Murray T50 or any details discussed here, contact us and learn more. 

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