All-new Lamborghini Revuelto Revealed: Long-awaited Successor With a Carbon Fiber Subframe

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The Lamborghini Aventador has long been well regarded as an unbreakable monument forged by the Italian carmaker to represent a fusion of menacing power, a mesmerizing design, and technological excellence.  

However, it’s time for us petrolheads to move on from now, as Lamborghini has finally revealed the replacement for the Aventador after over a decade since its debut. 

Behold the Lamborghini Revuelto - the successor of a triumphant era that dominates the Italian and European supercar industry and the entire automotive world. 

Faster, stronger, and louder. The Revuelto has it all to get you exhilarated. 


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Lamborghini Revuelto: Will This Aventador’s Replacement Live Up to Expectations?

Familiar Silhouette With Hexagon Elements

The brand-new Revuelto captivates onlookers with its aggressive stance and aerodynamic lines, showcasing its performance-oriented focus. However, while the enhancements made to this new model prioritize performance, its striking design cannot be ignored. 

The design of the Lamborghini Revuelto exudes the unmistakable essence of the Italian carmaker, bearing a significant resemblance to its illustrious predecessors. 

With symmetrical, sporty, and sharp shapes adorning its exterior, the Revuelto pays homage to Lamborghini’s heritage while embracing the future. This highly anticipated release comes after 11 years since the debut of its predecessor, the Aventador, and Lamborghini has chosen to maintain the same DNA that has made their cars iconic.

Every detail has been meticulously crafted to capture attention, from the sculpted curves emphasizing its power to the signature angular headlights illuminating the road ahead. 


Power-dense Naturally-aspirated Engine 

At the heart of the Lamborghini Revuelto lies a magnificent 6.5L V12 naturally-aspirated rear engine, boldly defying the trend of downsizing engines in supercars. 

While many manufacturers seek to reduce weight and lower emissions, the Revuelto remains steadfast in its commitment to raw power and exhilarating performance. 

This colossal engine unleashes a staggering 825 horsepower, surpassing even the most potent Aventador engine, which boasts 780 horsepower. However, what’s truly impressive is that the Revuelto achieves this power while being 17 kg lighter, showcasing Lamborghini’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering.

In addition to the awe-inspiring engine, the Revuelto also introduces a new dual-clutch automatic gearbox, which should be a significant enhancement compared to the robotized-manual transmission in the Aventador. 

This advanced gearbox delivers lightning-fast transitions, enhancing acceleration and overall driving dynamics. Also, the seamless shifts ensure a smooth driving experience, allowing drivers to exploit the immense power of the Revuelto fully.


Hybrid Electric Motors for Instant Torque

The Lamborghini Revuelto also features a unique hybrid electric motor system that provides instant torque and elevates its power capabilities beyond the astonishing 825 horsepower of its combustion engine alone.

This cutting-edge hybrid setup incorporates three electric motors: one integrated with the combustion engine and two attached to the front wheels. Together, they contribute an additional maximum of 190 horsepower to the Revuelto’s overall power output.

However, the Revuelto’s ultimate power depends on the selected driving mode. The vehicle offers four modes tailored to specific driving styles or road surfaces.

In the Città (City) mode, the hybrid system delivers 190 horsepower, which is ideal for urban environments. The Strada (Street) mode unleashes a combined output of 886 horsepower, while the Sport mode elevates the power further to 907 horsepower, delivering exhilarating performance on the open road.

For those seeking the pinnacle of performance, the Corsa (Race) mode unleashes the full might of the Revuelto’s hybrid engine, generating an astounding 1015 horsepower.


Carbon Fiber Subframe for a Higher PWR

The Lamborghini Revuelto defies the conventional notion that hybrid supercars are inherently heavier than their pure combustion counterparts. 

While it’s true that hybrid systems typically add weight, Lamborghini has gone above and beyond to ensure that their cars remain impressively light. 

One notable example is the carbon fiber subframe at the front of the Revuelto, which contributes to a weight reduction of 20% compared to a traditional aluminum frame used in the Aventador. This frame is also 20% stronger than aluminum.

Although the official weight of the Revuelto has not been disclosed, its power-to-weight ratio (PWR) is reported to be an exceptional 1.75kg per horsepower. Based on this ratio, an estimated weight of around 1780 kg can be inferred, making the Revuelto approximately 250 kg heavier than its predecessor, the Aventador. 

Despite this, the Lamborghini Revuelto’s robust hybrid engine and optimal power-to-weight ratio allow it to achieve breathtaking performance figures. 

The supercar can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. This acceleration results from its formidable hybrid system and meticulous attention to weight reduction. Also, the Revuelto boasts an impressive top speed of 217 mph, even faster than the Ferrari SF90 at 211 mph, showcasing its ability to dominate both the straights and corners with unparalleled agility.


Technical Specifications


£450,000 (estimated)


Top Speed: 217 mph

0 - 60 mph: 2.5 s


Length: 4947 mm

Width: 2033 mm

Height: 1160 mm

Weight: 1780 kg

Body and Chassis

Frame: Carbon fiber monocoque

Body: Carbon fiber with aluminum doors and thermoplastic bumpers

Aerodynamics: Active rear wing in 3 positions

Combustion Engine

Engine: 6.5L V12

Compression Ratio: 12.6:1

Max Power: 825 hp at 9250 RPM

Max Torque: 725 Nm at 6750 RPM

Weight-to-power Ratio: 1.75 kg/hp

Cooling System: Liquid

Hybrid System

Battery: Lithium-ion

Electric Engines: 220 kW at 3500 RPM

Max Power: 190 hp


Front Tires: 265/35 ZR20 - Potenza Sport Runflat

Rear Tires: 345/30 ZR21 - Potenza Sport Runflat

Steering and Suspension

Control System: Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Steering System: Electric Power Steering (EPS)


Gearbox: 8 gears

Clutch: Dual 


Carbon Ceramic 410x38mm (front) & 390x32mm (rear)

Fixed monoblock aluminum calipers with 10 pistons (front) and 4 pistons (rear)


Airbags: Driver, passenger, side doors

Knee airbags only for specific markets


Final Verdict

The Revuelto embodies the spirit of Lamborghini, combining cutting-edge engineering with timeless design elements that have become synonymous with the brand. Thus, it’s a masterpiece that commands the road and pays tribute to an entire legacy.

The supercar also represents Lamborghini’s unwavering commitment to creating extraordinary supercars that defy expectations. It has set a new benchmark for excellence, cementing its position as a true icon in the automotive world.


If you have questions about the Lamborghini Revuelto or any details discussed here, contact us and learn more. 

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