Royal Enfield Himalayan Custom With Full Carbon Fiber Parts

Royal Enfield Himalayan Custom With Full Carbon Fiber Parts

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For many of us, a motorcycle is a tool that takes us from one place to another. A soulless machine - as many would like to describe it.

But for MotoExotica, a group of Indian engineers passionate about enhancing motorcycles’ properties and turning them into grease-and-dirt beasts, riding is life.

Recently, this bike modification team has released an ultimate motorcycle that doesn’t only drive sharper off-road but also reflects the soul of the Himalayas - the Royal Enfield Himalayan Custom adventure bike. 


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Himalayan Custom Takes an Extra Step to Become the Mountain G.O.A.T.

Created for Adventures

The latest build from MotoExotica is considered by its creator as a mountain goat. So in the first place, the Indian engineers’ intention was never about building a bike that could conquer the Himalayas. Instead, they wanted to breathe life into the once soulless machine and turn it into a companion that riders could trust.

However, being a conscious entity doesn’t mean the Himalayan Custom lacks visual appeal and breathtaking performance. Instead, MotoExotica gets the stock version, somewhat of an unfinished business, to undergo a total hardware makeover, enhancing the bike in every aspect possible: aesthetics, power, and maneuverability.


Ergonomic Carbon Body Panel

It’s not easy to make a body panel for the Himalayan Custom that is total carbon fiber. For MotoExotica, the process took months of working on computer-aid design (CAD) software. The whole idea is to shed weight and add more agility. As you can imagine, the fuel tank, the head, the rear mudguard, and the windshield frame are all carbon fiber.

Many may think this carbon fiber body panel looks quirky and doesn’t resemble any popular designs for mountain bikes. The truth is, this design has its purpose. The engineers from MotoExotica claim that the fuel tank has an unusual shape for a better ergonomic property, allowing the rider to feel more comfortable on aggressive terrain.

If you assume the bike doesn’t look badass enough, then the topographical map of Mount Everest on the sides of the fuel tank will make you think again. Everest is the symbol of the Himalayas, so it makes sense that the map appears nowhere else but in the spotlight of the bike and features the theme. So what can we say now? What an eye for beauty! 


Enhanced Power Output

The 411cc displacement of the stock Royal Enfield was bored to 500cc and fitted with a high lift camshaft to increase the power output of the Himalayan Custom. Power can be adjusted with a stand-alone, programmable E.C.U., and the unique, copper-colored exhaust system also serves as a decorative focal point.

For adventure and mountain bikes, it’s never enough when adding more power. A muscular machine must get the bike to leap through any obstacles on bumpy and muddy terrains where your bike can get stuck. As a result, in the Himalayan foothills, you’d want your bike to be as powerful as a 500cc engine can produce.


Suspension and Braking 

In place of the bike’s stock suspension, a custom swingarm with a direct mount, a fully adjustable rear mono shock, and a long-travel upside-down fork were tuned up. Compared to the stock version’s suspension, this system feels more suitable for riding on bumpy and muddy terrain, as in the Himalayas. Why? It’s stable, less shaky, and absorbs shock better.

The front brake was modified from a 300mm to a 320mm disc with 4 pistons for better control. The stock 17” spoked rear wheel was replaced with an 18” wheel, which goes with a 21” front wheel. Both wear knobby tires to replace the original gravel-surface tires, meaning that the Himalayan Custom is good to rock in the mountainous terrain.


Overall Review

Regarding the overall design, MotoExotica explained that they would like people to recognize the Himalayan Custom at first glance. As a result, they tried to maintain the bike’s unique silhouette, such as by keeping the headlamp’s distinctive round shape. 

However, being familiar to everyone’s eyes doesn’t mean it can’t have an edgy vibe. MotoExotica added two diagonal rows of L.E.D. lights to give the bike a futuristic look. Also, they replaced the analog dashboards behind the windshield with a Garmin G.P.S.

The machine also has a subtle, earthy sense of aesthetics thanks to the earth-tone seat, which was what MotoExotica was seeking. So the mountains are present in every detail. It’s designed to blend in and be undetectable yet powerful through its fearless performance.


If you have questions about the Himalayan Custom or any details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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