Fernando Alonso’s Kimoa Carbon Fiber E-bike Revealed for F1 Season

Fernando Alonso’s Kimoa Carbon Fiber E-bike Revealed for F1 Season

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When it comes to Formula 1, people tend to think of single-seat, open-cockpit racing cars that can reach over 300 kph and sound like a thunderous roar. However, Formula 1 winner Fernando Alonso has unveiled a new series of e-bikes that is promising enough to be a contender in the world of cycling.

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Kimoa Carbon Fiber E-bike: the Priceless Heritage of the Racing History

Fernando Alonso: From Formula One to Passion for Cycling

The Spanish Formula One Champion

If you are a fan of Formula 1, you probably know Fernando Alonso - one of the biggest names in this racing sport. The Spanish racing driver has won a vast number of titles, including two Formula One World Championships, and is among the most successful drivers in the high-speed world. Progressing to professional car racing at the age of 17, it is not difficult to say that Fernando Alonso was born to compete on the track. 

However, little do we know about Alonso’s other passion, which he has managed to translate from solely an idea to a tangible success - cycling. Yes, you are reading it right. The two-time world champion in F1 has been proudly owning his brand in cycling equipment selling cyclist apparel, accessories, and beyond. The brand is called Kimoa - a unique name that sounds just as Spanish as its owner.


What Is Kimoa the Brand?

Kimoa was founded by Fernando Alonso back in 2017. At Kimoa, people believe that life is about curiosity, experimenting, discovering, and traveling. Despite the limitations that might hinder anyone’s dreams from coming true, Kimoa insists on choosing freedom, as people are always apprentices of something, and learning to start over again is encouraged. This freedom from doubt and fullness of hope inspires Kimoa to try new things. 

From here, the division from Alonso’s most successful field to a brand new venture happens. Considering his stunning 160-kilometer solo ride back in August 2021, everyone can tell that this racing driver also has a huge passion for cycling. So it is only a matter of time before he presents his riding gear to the world. Eventually, as expected, Alonso has set the date to launch his new carbon fiber e-bike, which is likely to disrupt the cycling market.


Arevo and Carbon Fiber Using 3D Printing Technology

Looking at the recent development in carbon fiber, the explosion of this composite material as a product of 3D printing technology has resulted in all types of components, vehicles, and applications that were beyond imagination a few years ago. Furthermore, given the high level of productivity in 3D printing, manufacturers have utilized this technique in their production lines, suggesting an imminent ubiquity of carbon fiber soon.

Arevo is the team that collaborates with Kimoa in producing the freshly revealed e-bike. It is also the same team that forges the iconic, fly-off-the-shelves electric bike - the Superstrata. In addition, Arevo is well-known for implementing 3D printing to create carbon fiber components for bicycles. Due to the technology’s inherent capacity to customize everything, Kimoa and Arevo have delivered a fully tailored machine.


The Superstrata Inspires the Kimoa Carbon Fiber E-bike 

People say if you want to be the best, learn from the best. Kimoa did it when it chose Superstrata to be its role model in making high-performance e-bikes. Suppose you are familiar with the California-based brand’s products. In that case, you will notice a close resemblance between the two silhouettes: a smooth and continuous carbon fiber body frame and a minimal design for maximal performance. The only difference might come from the 5-spoke mid-profile wheels for enhanced aerodynamics and speed on Kimoa’s end.

Creativity, versatility, and unique design are just a few of the perks of 3D printing. The Kimoa e-bike demonstrates what 3D printing technology can accomplish. The shape of the Kimoa is literally “printed” by a printing machine. In other words, it is made from a single continuous carbon fiber thread rather than layers of carbon sheets, as seen in most other carbon fiber items. As a result, you have a customizable bike that you can adjust to fit your body size.

The uniform carbon fiber frame is not the only feature of the Kimoa e-bike. Regarding performance, the Kimoa is powerful enough to dominate every sort of road, from city streets and gravel paths to even those longer journeys. With a range of 55 miles (88.5 kilometers) and a power-assist mode that allows speeds of up to 20 mph (32 kph), it should be enough to let you reach any desired destination. What is more important is the swift battery’s recharging time, which only takes you 2 hours to get it rolling again.

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Exhibited at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

Considering the item’s value at a reasonable price of 3,999 USD, the Kimoa can fulfill any cycling enthusiast’s expectations. Furthermore, as a strategy in marketing using its brand owner’s reputation in Formula 1, Kimoa showcased its new e-bike at the Miami Grand Prix in early May 2022 to ensure that this machine is as accessible to the market as possible. People who wish to own one of these bikes can also get their hands on it by contacting the online service and purchasing the item from there.

In conclusion, the priceless F1 racing heritage and the exact representation of Fernando Alonso add value to the beauty of the Kimoa e-bike despite a close resemblance to another famous silhouette. Will you consider buying one of these machines and immerse yourself in the F1 vibe?

If you have questions about Kimoa carbon fiber e-bikes or any of the details discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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